If the meeting's worth holding, it’s worth holding onto.

Zoom and Panopto are better together.

Meetings are where ideas are exchanged, where collaboration happens, and where decisions are made. That’s why more and more organizations are seeing the value of recording their internal meetings. With a complete, detailed recording of every meeting, your people can watch meetings they couldn’t attend, participate more actively without needing to take notes, get up to speed on ongoing projects, or even audit archived meeting videos for security and compliance purposes.

Zoom is a great tool for holding and recording your meetings. And it’s even better when integrated with Panopto’s industry-leading solution for securely managing and sharing those recordings. 

Panopto’s built-in Zoom integration creates an end-to-end video solution you can rely on to record your meetings, then automatically make those recordings secure, searchable, and shareable inside your organization. What’s more, Panopto includes tools for editing Zoom recordings, features that enable ongoing collaboration between meeting attendees, a robust video analytics suite you can use to make your meetings smarter, and unlimited flexible storage so you can keep your meeting recordings as long as your information retention policies recommend. 

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Mange and share Zoom video recordings with Panopto's Zoom video integration

End-to-end management of Zoom recordings.

Zoom gives you the ability to easily record your meetings, capturing audio, video, screen shares, PowerPoint slides, or other content you might share during a video conference. But what happens with that recording after the meeting is finished?

The answer depends on your Zoom subscription and how much time your team has to spend. Paid Zoom subscribers can save their meetings to the Zoom Recording Cloud, where meeting hosts can either download the MP4 of their meeting or share an unlisted link to the video. It’s a manual sharing process that has to be done for each and every recording — locate the recording, set viewing permissions, then share with the right people. And depending on your Zoom plan, you may find you have only limited storage space to keep your videos, or that your recordings automatically expire after 30 days. 

With Panopto, all of your Zoom recordings are automatically uploaded to a secure video cloud, transcoded for optimal playback on any device, and can be managed at scale using a variety of settings administrators can apply to facilitate secure sharing, enforce retention policies, set availability windows, and more. 

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Share and store Zoom cloud recordings more securely with Panopto

Fine-grained control over recording permissions.

Even the most routine meetings can include sensitive information you wouldn’t make publicly available. From product launch plans and promotional campaign schedules to testing schema and internal architecture discussions, there’s a lot your employees need to talk about that you don’t want the wrong eyes to see. 

With Zoom Cloud, videos can either be password protected, or available only to Zoom account holders within your organization. But how do you share a recording with just the marketing team, or with just three individuals from accounting?

Integrating Zoom with Panopto provides more control over recording permissions. All your Zoom recordings are set to private by default in Panopto, and administrators can globally determine how open or restrictive sharing is for your organization’s videos. Single sign-on (SSO) enables employees to view secure videos with their existing credentials, reducing administrative support costs and enabling Zoom admins to define user permissions at scale. And meeting hosts can share each recording with specific individuals or groups within your organization.

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Search inside Zoom cloud recordings to navigate to relevant content with Panopto's Smart Search capability

Find important Zoom meetings and conversations instantly with a simple search.

So you recorded a Zoom meeting. A few weeks later, you need to revisit one specific piece of information that was mentioned during the hour-long call. That’s a lot of conversation to sift through (or sit through) just to find two minutes of relevant discussion. There has to be a better way.

With Panopto’s Smart Search technology, there is.

Smart Search is the industry’s most comprehensive video search engine. Not only does it automatically index every word spoken in meetings, but it also uses optical character recognition (OCR) to index every word shown on-screen during your Zoom meetings. As a result, you can search all of the information covered in your meetings just like you would search your email or documents. With Panopto’s Zoom integration, you can find relevant meeting recordings in seconds and even instantly fast forward right to the specific moments you were looking for in each video.

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Edit Zoom cloud recordings with Panopto's online video editor

Edit Zoom recordings.

Before sharing with the rest of your organization, Zoom meeting hosts can use Panopto’s video editing tools to remove casual conversations at the beginning of a Zoom call, cut out off-topic conversations in the middle, or trim it down to only the most important discussions. You can even add in new content such as extra video commentary, links and quizzes, or splice together multiple calls on the same topic to make your recorded meeting a more complete informational asset for your team.

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An enhanced video playback experience.

Share every detail in Panopto.

Meetings are dynamic, collaborative events that often include multiple people conversing while sharing screens, slides, and documents, and even writing on whiteboards — often from various locations. With Panopto, you can ensure every detail shared in your meeting is captured, while also extending that collaborative experience well beyond the real-time Zoom video conference. 

Panopto puts the viewer in control to provide a more engaging and interactive playback experience. When you integrate Zoom with Panopto, viewers can see the active speaker alongside any video feed captured during the meeting, including screen shares, slides, in-room whiteboards, as well as the Zoom gallery view that shows other participants on the call. Viewers can toggle between any of these video feeds based on their preference at any time, turn captions on and off when available, and even  change the video’s playback speed.

Panopto includes interactive features that support in-video collaboration, automatically pulling in live chats from your Zoom meetings and enabling viewers to add comments in the video after the meeting has ended. Panopto also helps viewers quickly navigate the content within a meeting recording through Smart Search, video thumbnails that show a clickable preview of what’s coming up, as well as a transcript of the recording that you can scroll through and click to jump ahead.

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Panopto's Zoom integration gives you better insights into how meetings are impacting your business

Deeper business intelligence through video analytics.

When you integrate Panopto with Zoom, you’ll get new data to help you assess how internal meetings are impacting your business. Panopto’s video analytics suite can show you which employees have watched which meeting recordings, whether recordings are watched through to completion, which topics are generating the most discussion within meetings, and more.

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