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Coming Soon to a YouTube Near You: Your CEO

Corporations across industries are using Panopto to improve executive communications If you’ve ever wondered what your company’s CEO would look like dancing to the latest viral video sensation… well, keep wondering.

But if you’ve ever wondered if all those suits in the c-suite even know what a YouTube is, the answer is a resounding yes.

More and more CEOs, CFOs, SVPs and all kinds of other business-minded folks are showing up on YouTube—not for the cat videos (we’re sure they do that on their own time) but as part of improving executive communications.

Every year people ask for more and more insight into the inner workings of their organizations – the latest strategies, the newest initiatives, anything that may help them align their work to the greater mission. And believe it or not, most internal communications teams are working hard to expand executive communications programs.

Why is that proving harder than it sounds? In a word: time. It takes time to write all those executive emails, then get them proofread, formatted, approved, and sent. Leaders don’t have enough time to do it all, and communications teams already have a dozen other projects that need attention.

Which is why companies like Hewlett-Packard, NYSE Euronext, Henry Ford Health System, and others are turning to video.

Video makes sharing leadership insights easy. Switch on a webcam (or even just a smartphone) and click record. Now a 5-minute message really only takes five minutes!

If you like, the video can be edited in your video content management system (we think pretty highly of ours, if you need one), or by your A/V team. Then you can upload the file to your corporate YouTube (if you want to keep it in-house) or your business’s YouTube channel (if it’s okay to make public).

Share the link, and voila – end-to-end executive communications in an hour or less.

We think it’s pretty cool to see some of the top business minds around taking advantage of the increasing demand for short, educational video content. Want to give it a try at your office? Panopto can help – give us a try with a free trial today.