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Convert Video Collections into Custom Playlists with Panopto

Sometimes it takes more than a single presentation to pass along the right knowledge.

Whether you’re leading a multistep compliance training program, managing a recurring event like quarterly earnings calls, or teaching a semester-long university class, the ability to manage and share a related collection of video recordings is essential to helping your audience learn your subject.

The ability to organize a set of videos is even rapidly becoming important to those of us with only one long video to share. As research indicates that viewers are more likely to watch and remember shorter videos, Gartner Research has recommended that organizations intentionally break up long recordings into shorter, more digestible segments.

Before you can share your collection of related videos, though, you often want to sort the videos to ensure your audience watches them in the right order.

Which is why in our latest update to the Panopto video platform, we’ve built in a new feature to help you better sort and manage your videos and best share them with your viewers.

Custom Video Sorting

The videos in any given folder in your Panopto video library are already sortable by name, creation date, duration, folder location, and rating. Now, we’re excited to add a simple new option that will allow the folder owner to drag-and-drop videos in any folder to create a custom sort order.

Custom sorting your video files is an incredibly simple, helpful step you can take to prompt viewers to watch each file in a particular order. And when your viewer reaches the end of one video, Panopto automatically links to the next one, making it easier to navigate an ordered video series.

How easy is it to sort videos in your Panopto files? This easy:


For education users, custom sorting will make it easy to organize a week’s or even a semester’s worth of recorded lectures, or to provide order to a set of pre-existing videos for students to watch prior to participating in a flipped classroom.

For business users, custom sorting makes it easy to identify compliance training sessions to be taken in a specific order, and to collect related videos of, say, quarterly executive presentations or investor calls, into one relevant playlist.

Try it for yourself!
If you’re interested in learning more about the latest Panopto update, or about how Panopto can help your organization use video to share knowledge, contact our team for a demo, or request a free trial of our software.