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Enhancing Corporate Learning and Development with Enterprise Video

The world of corporate learning and development has shifted.

A few years ago, learning was organized in a top-down fashion, where learning organizations “pushed” knowledge down to employees via classrooms and other traditional learning programs.

These days, however, employees are autonomous, self-sufficient, and busier than ever before. They don’t have as much time for traditional classroom training. They expect their professional learning to be continuous, social, and self-organized.

In response, there is growing pressure on L&D organizations to empower employees with access to training and knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.

Social learning – that is, knowledge sharing amongst peers, teams, and business units that takes place both formally and informally – has proven a powerful model. Large enterprises like IBM and Telus have adopted social learning strategies and are already seeing improvements in employee collaboration and productivity.

More and more organizations are using their video content management systems to help support these social learning initiatives – enabling employees to view formal training videos, brown-bag sessions, informally shared insights and best practices, as well as internal presentations and demos all on an on-demand basis.

To find out more about how videos can enhance corporate learning, check out our presentation below.

Panopto makes social learning simple – by making it easy to record, share, and search all of your video content, in a single solution that requires no specialized hardware and minimal training.

If you’re interested in learning how to use video to enhance social learning in your organization, contact us to sign up for a free trial.