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Go Ahead – Let Your Team Show Off A Little

In Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon report “Well-trained, well-equipped and well-treated personnel have longer company tenures, lower accident rates, and fewer behavior problems.

Meanwhile, Temkin Group reports that “96% of engaged employees responded that they ‘always or almost always’ try their hardest on the job (while 79% of non-engaged workers responded similarly),” according to its Employee Engagement Benchmark Study 2013.

And you know that study after study shows that what most employees really want is an opportunity to be recognized for their work and the intellectual value their expertise creates.

That’s what makes social learning such a great motivator.

Social learning empowers your team to share their knowledge efficiently and effectively with your entire organizations. It gives everyone’s subject matter expertise — whatever the subject — a place to be recognized. And it helps your bottom line, by helping to ensure teams in separate divisions don’t inadvertently waste cycles recreating information another team already has.

Let subject matter expertise shine through - with the power of video

Let subject matter expertise shine through – with the power of video

Here at Panopto, we’re pretty happy to be part of making social learning simple. Panopto makes it easy to record, share, and search video–in a single solution that requires no specialized hardware and no training. With Panopto, your subject matter experts just click “record”, present their insights, click “stop” — and we make the rest easy, automatically.

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