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Where Do I Host My Business Video?

For most organizations, video is already a valued communications and teaching tool.

The latest data from Cisco speaks for itself:

  • 76% of executives watch business videos at least once a week, including 40% who view them daily
  • 82% of executives record their own business videos, and 64% of these executives upload recorded videos to their company’s video-sharing portal.

Whether video in your business is still a bit new or now an established fact of life, it is essential to have a policy in place to help your employees know how to appropriately store and share all the video they are creating.

YouTube or VCMS icon - Panopto Video CMSAnd while every organization’s priorities will be unique, when it comes to creating a video content management policy, today’s top concerns to consider are these:

  1. Taking care of your sensitive information. Your solution must enable you to manage privacy settings and ensure that the videos you create are shared with the right people – and only the right people.
  2. Focusing on your audience. Your solution needs to serve video in the way that will be easiest way for them to find and view your content.
  3. Serving your internal users well. The right solution will enable you to make use of analytics and integration opportunities, helping you show the value of video, and in turn encourage even more video use.

So which solution offers the best mix of security, searchability, and shareability for business video?

For most business users, your corporate video platform (often called a video content management system, VCMS, or “business YouTube”) will be the right place to share most of your business video. Your video content management system will offer the right mix of security, searchability, and shareability, with the added benefit of improved analytics and easier access.

For some organizations, a traditional YouTube channel may be a useful supplement to your VCMS – a second channel where you may want to feature videos that are public facing and that you would want others to find.

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