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How NYSE Technologies Improves Employee Onboarding Using Video

At technical services-based enterprise NYSE Technologies, new hires have lot to learn from the moment they step through the door on their first day. In addition to learning company procedures and policies, new recruits must also get up to speed on business strategy and product knowledge as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, relying on face-to-face meetings for employee onboarding can present scheduling challenges and decrease productivity for existing employees. Prior to deploying a video content management platform, product managers at NYSE needed to take an hour or more out of their already busy schedules to give overviews of their product to new hires.

Now, with Panopto, employee onboarding is less time consuming for both product managers and new hires. New employees have on-demand access to a searchable video library of product overview recordings that incorporate video, audio, PowerPoint, screen recordings and more. After watching a 20-minute overview video, new employees bring their informed questions to a 10-15 minute meeting with a product manager.

Not only does an on-demand video training library help NYSE Technologies scale their employee onboarding processes, it’s enabled training to become a more immersive experience for the company’s new hires. By viewing the internally produced onboarding videos, new employees learn about the company’s culture and familiarize themselves with the personalities of the organization’s key people.

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