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Why Should You Choose Panopto Over Kaltura?

If you’re seeking a detailed comparison between Panopto and Kaltura or considering alternative video platforms, you’re in the right spot. Both Panopto and Kaltura offer robust video management capabilities, with their strengths varying based on your institution’s specific needs. Dive into the article below to better understand the distinctions between these two platforms.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is the Difference Between Panopto and Kaltura?
  • Why Should Schools Choose Panopto Over Kaltura?
  • 5 reasons Panopto is the best Kaltura alternative
  • Panopto vs Kaltura: What Customers Say

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What is the Difference Between Panopto and Kaltura?

Choosing the right video platform is essential, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the differences between Panopto and Kaltura.  

So, which video management system (VMS) is the best choice? It all comes down to your institution’s individual needs.  

Kaltura offers a broad spectrum of video solutions and has a much larger number of separate offerings. This is great if you want the option to customize and create a video learning experience tailored specifically to your institution, or if you have varying needs.

Here at Panopto, we have one singular focus: to provide the best video solution tailored to our users’ needs. We are a purpose-built video learning solution, focused on providing the absolute best video solutions to our 10 million users. We’ve been at it since 2007, and our dedication has led to recognition as a top enterprise video leader. Plus, 21 of the world’s top 25 universities trust us with their video needs.

We’ve been recognized by Aragon and G2 as a Video Leader in 2023 (for the 7th year in a row!)


Why Should Schools Choose Panopto Over Kaltura?

In the educational landscape, having an effective video platform is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity. And that’s where Panopto shines. We’ve not just developed a lecture capture system; we’ve crafted an experience. An experience that’s trusted by educators globally for its impeccable recording features, synchronized slides, and easily searchable transcripts.

When you align with Panopto, you’re stepping into a supportive ecosystem. Our dedicated team is always on standby, offering unparalleled customer support. Think of a support system where real individuals, not bots, address your questions, guiding you to harness the full potential of our platform. If you’re in search of a video tool that’s both intuitive and backed by a hands-on team, Panopto stands out as the clear choice.

Panopto being used for a flipped laboratory.

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💡 We put accessibility first. Our ASR captions have 90+% accuracy.

5 Reasons Panopto is the Best Kaltura Alternative

1. Purpose-built video learning solution

While Kaltura is a beneficial EdTech tool that diversifies its attention across various solutions, it’s important to recognize that the focus may not always be on providing the best video-learning solution. 

On the other hand, Panopto’s commitment to education is undivided. We’re not just another general EdTech company – we’re a purpose-built video learning solution, laser-focused on delivering the absolute best for our customers. Panopto’s singular focus ensures that 100% of its features are dedicated solely to enhancing video learning. This dedication has led to Panopto being adopted by 21 of the world’s top 25 universities.

You’re in great company.
21 of the 25 world’s top universities use Panopto.

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2. Ease of Use

 With a range of products on offer, Kaltura’s promise of infinite customization is enticing… However, with additional layers of APIs, integrations, and patches, a Kaltura backend can be demanding to implement, support, and manage.

At Panopto, we’re known for our ease of use.  Everything from our look, feel, and usability is intuitive. With our carefully crafted interface and instinctive features, even complex tasks like recording, sharing, and searching become straightforward endeavors.

“Using Panopto has made information sharing much more efficient and streamlined within our organization. What used to take two to four weeks to publish now takes less than one business day.”

Minette Chan, Director of Learning Solutions at Synaptics

Our all-in-one, focused platform enables a simple, streamlined, and efficient adoption throughout your organization. What does this specifically mean for you? Increased access to video tools and reduced barriers to adoption.

When comparing the two video solutions, ask yourself: is it the number of offerings or the user experience that truly matters?

3. Invested in your success

At Panopto we believe our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our customers. With a customer satisfaction rate of 99% and a retention rate of over 95%, our dedication to our users is evident.

We not only offer day-to-day technology support services and systems, we also have post-purchase implementation services in place. And, unlike other platforms, all Panopto customers receive dedicated experts in implementation, customer success, and technology support that are available and ready to help in your time zone and region. We’re here to solve problems, boost usage, and drive maximum value for you.

We have a customer satisfaction rate of 99% and over 95% retention rate. And reported 99.99% uptime in the last 12 months

Panopto by the numbers

On the other hand, Kaltura provides a variety of support services, including a knowledge base, training, and a dedicated support team. Because Kaltura offers a wide array of products and services, at times support can be more difficult to deliver due to the fragmented nature of their products. There is also no guarantee that you will reach someone in your time zone or region.

With an NPS score nearing 60 in comparison to Kaltura’s score of 15, our customer support is truly unrivaled. Data is powerful, so we encourage you to ask Kaltura for the same KPIs in order to get a better understanding of the customer experience.

“I don’t need support very often with Panopto, but when I do, it’s always a great experience.”

Chris Braster, Assistant Director of Educational Technologies, Thomas Jefferson University

4. Quality You Can Count On

In today’s digital age, downtime is not just an inconvenience; it’s a disruption. Panopto understands this, which is why we prioritize reliability. With a commitment to maintaining a 99.9% uptime, we ensure that our users have uninterrupted access to their content. Our ASR accuracy is 90%, ensuring that video content is not only accessible but also accurate. 

On the other hand, Kaltura has a broad focus with an impressive array of offers and an API-first approach. However, this can require detailed coordination and technical customization which can be complex to manage over time.

Panopto has a 99.99% uptime and 90+% ASR Accuracy

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Plus, our incredible channel partners go the extra mile, reselling Panopto in specific geographies and vertical markets. What does that mean for you? The perfect blend of unbeatable pricing and exceptional service. With Panopto, you’re not just getting a video solution – you’re getting a world of innovation, collaboration, and seamless integration.

5. No surprises with our radical pricing transparency

We believe in a radical pricing transparency because trust is the foundation of any successful partnership. Our all-inclusive pricing ensures there are no surprises or hidden costs throughout your contract period that may eventually result in unexpected overages, development, and/ or the need to add new products.

Kaltura offers high usage or pseudo-unlimited packages with a variety of a la carte add-ons. Because Kaltura is monitoring what you upload, what you store, and what you stream- plus storing source video and having options per file- you can hit your bandwidth and storage capacity limit in no time.

Keep in mind it’s essential for your team to review the fine print of contracts, so you can make an informed decision and accurately predict pricing, both upfront and as your video library expands. 

Our pricing has ZERO surprise changes and FREE authenticated viewing

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Trusted by the world’s top universities

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Panopto is the Easy-to-Use Kaltura Alternative

Panopto stands out as a user-friendly alternative to Kaltura, crafted for its ease of use. But don’t just rely on what we say – see what our satisfied customers are sharing.

“We have seen hours, days, and weeks of time savings with the Panopto video cloud compared with how we used to support video.”

Learning Technology Manager, Ingersoll Rand

Why Higher Education Institutions Love Panopto

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World’s top universities use Panopto

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