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The Challenge

Synaptics brings innovative and intuitive user experiences to intelligent devices, enabling products that help make our digital lives more productive, secure, and enjoyable.

Synaptics wanted clear documentation of its cutting-edge knowledge base to ensure that every employee could understand, support, and improve upon the company’s products. At a practical level, however, such documentation was a challenge to keep up with. With no formal means of sharing knowledge internally and structural, geographic, and language barriers between teams, it was difficult for an individual employee’s expertise to be shared effectively with everyone else inside the company.  

The team at Synaptics set a goal to create a culture of knowledge sharing that would enable every employee to preserve, present, and share formal and informal institutional knowledge in a way that would be scalable and intuitive for a diverse set of professional users.  

Use video to make new employee onboarding consistent across your entire organization

The Solution

Synaptics adopted Panopto to standardize every aspect of how employees use video for sharing information – from creation and curation to storage, search, sharing, and streaming.

Synaptics created its own internal video portal to make it easy for the team to view, share, and contribute videos to a secure and centralized library. Employees could use Panopto to record virtually any activity where knowledge was shared – detailed walkthroughs delivered by subject-matter experts, project kickoff and update meetings, procedural overviews, and more – anywhere, anytime, and on the laptops and mobile devices they already used.

The Impact

Synaptics’ Learning Solutions department estimates that their internal video platform saves the company nearly 7,000 productive hours annually.

“Using Panopto has made information sharing much more efficient and streamlined within our organization.

Stijn Van Achter, Coordinator of Educational Innovation
man using video learning management system

Returning to the Classroom with a New Pedagogical Approach

The company has amplified global employee knowledge sharing with this complete, video-enabled solution for sharing expertise through Panopto – one that transcends team structures, language barriers, and geographic challenges, giving the company unprecedented access to its institutional knowledge.