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Meet the Academics Who Love Recording Their Lectures, Flipping Their Classrooms, and More

If you’re part of a university’s e-learning, learning technology or IT team and you’ve just decided to implement lecture capture or the flipped classroom model at your institution (or both!), you’ll likely be asking yourselves a lot of questions.

Lecture Hall fullSome of these will be technical, like how to set-up your rooms to get the best possible recording outcome. Others will focus on more pedagogical concerns – perhaps which flipped approach you’re going to take or how the recording process might impact the dynamic between teacher and student.

Out of the many questions that we get asked by new users of our video content management system, one that recurs again and again is – how do you create a cultural shift in favour of integrated video in a classroom setting, particularly if academics are sceptical?

We have written previously on the blog about what institutions can do to engage with their academic staff to get them enthused about lecture capture – and video more generally. Recent guest blogger Duncan MacIver, Head of E-learning at GSM London, even covered some of the misapprehensions academics can have about lecture recording and how these can be addressed in his myth-busting article. And we have pointed to research findings that show the positive effect video can have on student satisfaction and learning outcomes.

But perhaps the most powerful way to get your academic staff on-board with your roll-out of lecture capture or the flipped classroom is to share with them some of the testimonials from academics actively using video to enhance their teaching practice.

In this post, we thought we’d share some of our favourite quotes from our own user community:

From Dr Jeremy Pritchard, Senior Lecturer & Head of Education, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, on flipping the classroom:

“I was interested in how you can use new teaching approaches to […] open up time for more group work that will build students’ transferable skills. Using Panopto to flip the classroom gave my students the chance to view the material multiple times if they needed to, allowing them to learn the content at their own pace. It also freed up that lecture session to focus on other things. My students loved it and I got lots of positive feedback.

From Dr Laura Ritchie, National Teaching Fellow, Teaching Fellow in Music and Coordinator of Instrumental/ Vocal Teaching and MA Performance at the University of Chichester:

“It can be challenging for some academics to think that they will be ‘seen’ on a video in the case of lecture capture. What I would say to them is that the students see them in the lecture anyway and being watched on a recording isn’t particularly different. Plus, as Panopto is so simple to use, there isn’t a steep learning curve to master which means that academics can start integrating video into their teaching practice quickly and easily.”

From Dr. Nathaniel Bowditch, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The American University in Cairo:

“Panopto is a fantastic technology that, when used well, can only support and enhance what we do in the classroom. As far as I can tell, Panopto has only made me a better teacher.

From Frank J. Fedel, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Human Performance, Eastern Michigan University:

“Students don’t all learn at the same rate…and we can’t adjust the pace of our live lectures to accommodate the entire range of student abilities. Having a recorded version allows students to control the presentation themselves and learn at their own pace.

If you’re looking into implementing lecture capture or the flipped classroom at your institution, Panopto can help. Talk to us about arranging a demo or taking a free trial.