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Expecting a Guest Presenter? Now You Can Record with Panopto from a USB Drive

One of the most-requested new features we added to the Panopto video platform this week is…

Panopto. To Go.

As of today you can now run Panopto directly from an external USB drive — making it even easier to record a video presentation, anywhere, on any Windows laptop.

Now universities don’t need to worry whether a guest lecturer will be properly recorded. And corporate learning and development departments can rest easy, knowing they can quickly provide the right recording tools to record presentations from consultants, advisors, and guest trainers.

Panopto from USB Drive - Panopto Presentation Capture PlatformOur goal in making Panopto accessible from a USB drive is all about flexibility. In the past, if you wanted to record a presentation using Panopto but the presenter didn’t have Panopto installed, your choices were to either have your speaker install Panopto (if they had the appropriate permissions to do so on their machines), or copy the presentation and have your speaker use another laptop.

Neither of those options are particularly difficult things to do, but no one wants to make last-minute changes to their presentation hardware, particularly just moments before stepping on stage.

Now there’s a third option.

Just download the Panopto Windows Recorder to an external USB drive, and when the time comes, plug it into any Windows laptop and go. Your speaker will be able to run Panopto directly from the drive without installing any software onto their laptop. By default, recordings are stored on the USB drive, so at the end of the presentation, you can just unplug the drive and take the recording with you.

One note — Running Panopto from a USB drive works best with USB/eSATA external hard drives. Using USB Flash drives may work, but due to inconsistent results in testing, we do not recommend it.

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