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Our Favorite Holiday How-To Videos of 2019

May your days be merry,

Your nights filled with cheer,

And the holidays productive,

With the tips you’ll find here.


How to Craft No-Sew Holiday Snowmen

No winter scene is complete without a smiling snowman. Dill and Nav will show you how to create your own, with this kid-friendly, no-sew project.



How to Create Festive Paper Lights

Holiday lights don’t have to run up your electrical bill. Join Francis to see how you can create your own sparkling paper lights to add to your holiday decorations.



How to Carol Along with the Panopto Team

It’s the time of year that puts a song into everyone’s heart. So come caroling with Raj, Christian, and Nav!



From all of our families to all of yours, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


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