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Panopto and Panasonic at Integrated Systems Europe 2015

What do a Tesla car, thousands of AV professionals and Panopto staff have in common? Well, they all made an appearance on Panasonic’s stand at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event held last week in Amsterdam. We were delighted to be invited by Panasonic’s Visual System Solutions team to join them on their stand for joint presentations, demos and discussions. Members of our team were on hand throughout a whirlwind three days in the Dutch capital. ISE 2015

While many ISE visitors were initially drawn to the stunning 3D projections being mapped onto the Tesla car by another of Panasonic’s special guests, as they moved through the stand they came to the collaboration area where we were given the opportunity to showcase Panopto software working in harmony with Panasonic hardware.

The focus of the collaboration area was to show how technology can be used to enhance learning, whether that be through lecture capture, MOOCs, the flipped classroom or training. Visitors saw Panopto’s lecture capture and video management system used in conjunction with a Panasonic professional display along with a Panasonic PTZ camera, our teams collectively highlighting the important role both hardware and software play in creating a positive user experience.

In our conversations with the delegates visiting the collaboration area, two themes regularly recurred – the importance of inside video search and the benefits of streaming in HLS over HTML 5.

Most widely discussed of all was our Smart Search functionality, encompassing Automatic Speech Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, slide ingestion and more. Many of the visitors who came to the presentations and demos held on the stand commented on the positive impact inside video search was likely to have on their learners’ ability to revise and review core topics. Smart Search – by virtue of allowing a learner to instantly access the concept they are trying to revisit via a keyword search – makes the revision process much more streamlined and saves students critical time in the run up to exams.

Another ‘Smart’ aspect of our product was picked up on by many of the ISE visitors we spoke to – namely Smart Sync. The idea that viewers of learning content would ideally want to see a synchronised view of both the presenter and the content they are showing was always key to the development of Panopto’s video player. We call this synchronisation of multiple video streams Smart Sync. While the concept of Smart Sync has always been part of the Panopto proposition, what is new is that we recently updated our video player and Smart Sync functionality so that they work entirely in HTML5. The fact that this enables Panopto to offer a high-end video viewing experience to the widest range of browsers and devices was of great interest to visitors. People were particularly keen to see the viewing experience on iPad, iPhone and Android, to see how the solution can be used to support learning wherever, whenever.

Reflecting on the overall reactions to Panopto from those we spoke to, it was encouraging to see many visitors express the view that a combination of Smart Search and Smart Sync – backed up by the right hardware for recording purposes – could help them offer compelling video-based learning experiences within their organisations.

If you want to see Smart Search and Smart Sync in action, why not book a demo with one of our team, or take a free trial?