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Panopto Now Supports Plenom’s Kuando Busylight For Remote Recording Notification

As an AV professional, one of your goals is to ensure that presenters can focus on creating engaging content without having to learn the intricacies of your video streaming solution. An often overlooked challenge is simply making the speaker aware that their recording is in process. This is especially true if you’re using an automated recording solution like Panopto’s Remote Recorder to streamline the capture of meetings, lectures and events.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Plenom that addresses this challenge. Using Plenom’s Kuando Alpha or Omega Busylight, you can easily and affordably provide speakers with a visual indicator that their recording is in progress.

Give Speakers a Visual Cue

Our goal with Panopto has always been to whisk away the complexities associated with video capture, streaming and sharing. For presenters, this means enabling them to focus 100% of their attention on the delivery of their content.

Panopto’s Remote Recorder makes this possible by eliminating the need to interact directly with our video capture software.  Because Panopto is synced with the class schedule produced by the Learning Management System (LMS), remote recordings start automatically. This means, presenters can simply show up, load their content on screen, without needing to fuss with starting up or configuring our software.  It allows them to have time to review last minute notes or jot down important concepts on the whiteboard. When the class or lecture is ready to begin, they simply begin presenting, and Panopto starts recording in the background.


Panopto's remote and mobile recorders integrate with Plenom's BusyLight


Now, through our partnership with Plenom,  the Kuando Alpha and Omega Busylight work seamlessly with Panopto.  Allowing you to easily and affordably make the presenter experience is even more streamlined by providing a visual cue when the recording has begun.

These straightforward USB-enabled lights conveniently plug into your Panopto recording equipment and provide presenters with a visual status of their recording:

  • Gray – Remote recorder is ready to begin recording
  • Green – Remote recorder is actively recording
  • Yellow – Remote recorder is paused
  • Red – Remote recorder is disconnected, requires attention
Kuando Alpha and Omega Busylight now integrates with Panopto

When the light is steady, the remote recorder is actively in that state. When the light is flashing, it indicates a change of state.

Where To Purchase the Busylight

To purchase the Kuando Busylight, please visit Plenom’s retail site. If you plan to outfit multiple rooms with the light, Plenom offers bulk discounts.

The Busylight can be connected to any USB-enabled Windows laptop, desktop, or to the Panopto-Certified Video Capture Appliance.  Note that the light is compatible with the most current version of the Panopto Remote Recorder, so be sure to upgrade to our May 2018 release. For more details on implementing and supporting the light, visit our support site.

And for customers interested in an interactive visual indicator light, where presenters press the light to start, stop or pause a recording Panopto also supports the On-Air Light by Delcom.