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Professional Training Company Puts Video eLearning to the Test with Employee Onboarding

In 2014 Industrial Training International (ITI) sought to find out whether its team of trainers could leverage video-based eLearning to deliver the company’s trademark learning experience to a waiting audience of new engineers.

Of course, the process of adapting course content, designing a framework for learning activities, and developing new materials suited for online delivery represented no small task. And while the team at ITI was working diligently to bring new eLearning program to life, another application for video-enabled learning popped up.stock_studying-from-a-computer-orange-background_640x240_a

At the same time ITI’s trainers were finalizing a new eLearning course that would help clients manage growth and turnover among their specialized engineering staff, executives at Industrial Training International headquarters were searching for a better way to manage staffing growth and turnover issues of their own. While ITI already had a detailed document for onboarding new employees, the process still required a senior staff member to spend several hours with each new hire. As the company sought to continue its expansion, that requirement became a burden on the internal learning and development team.

ITI instantly recognized the problem as an opportunity to put Panopto to the test in-house. Using Panopto, the ITI training team recorded a series of standard employee onboarding presentations that the learning and development team would typically have delivered one-to-one with each new hire. The team paired up each video with slides based on the company’s existing onboarding handbook. In short order, they created a small library of recordings for new hires to review as part of a comprehensive onboarding program — with one video for each week of the new person’s first month in their role.

The new onboarding program was an immediate success. Providing the information as on-demand video meant new hires could review the materials as best fit into their schedules and other training activities, which in turn allowed them to better focus on the materials presented. And because the presentations were recorded, individuals were free to rewind and replay the training videos whenever questions arose.

The video format was also a real benefit to the company’s human resources department. Video made the scaling of learning and development presentations possible, allowing the team to ensure every new hire received consistent training — no matter when they were hired or what office they worked in. Video also helped boost audience engagement — hearing and seeing an actual member of the ITI team provided a human touch that wasn’t possible with the text-based handbook alone.

It was during this pilot project that the ITI team was able to see just how much potential video lessons might really provide. As Christina Lanham, Manager of E-Learning and Digital Services at Industrial Training International noted, “For us, the onboarding project was the perfect opportunity to really see how well we’d be able to teach with video. And so far, the feedback has been very positive.”

Learn how ITI took their experience with video onboarding forward to a new paradigm of learning

The onboarding trial with Panopto proved to the whole organization that video training was a solid bet for expanding the reach of their classes moving forward. To learn how ITI built an entirely new service offering by leveraging the knowledge of their existing experts with the Panopto enterprise video platform, download your free copy of the case study today!