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How To Use Video Prospecting To Fill Your Sales Funnel

Onboarding and training are critical elements of your sales enablement program. They prepare your reps to communicate your value proposition, address incoming questions and concerns, and ultimately drive top-line growth.

But modern sales enablement doesn’t stop at developing your people — it can help you develop your new business prospects as well.

Attracting the right prospects often begins with the marketing department. But with the right tools, your reps can also help fill the top of the sales funnel with high-value prospects and move those prospects through the pipeline more quickly.

Using Video Prospecting To Build A Fuller Sales Funnel

Increasingly, organizations are turning to video prospecting to accomplish their sales goals. With video, your reps can stand out from the competition in their initial prospecting efforts. They can communicate with prospects in a more compelling way. And they can track leads more effectively as they progress through the funnel. Here’s how:

Using video in your initial outreach and introduction.

Adding video is a great way to improve the performance of your prospecting emails. Just including the word “video” in an email subject line has proven to increase click-thru rates by 7-13 percent. Even more significantly, embedding a video in an email increased the email’s conversion rate by an average of 21 percent over using a static image alone.

Better still, those improved engagement benefits have the opportunity to play out over and over with other potential contacts should your contact forward your email around their organization.

Using video for personalized presentations, demonstrations, and lead-nurturing communications.

Your sales team wouldn’t dream of walking into a new prospect’s office with a generic slide deck. But that’s just what they do each time they send another standard email reply or share another stock brochure.

Instead, create a customizable sales kit to arm your team with everything they’ll need to help tailor their conversations to their clients’ needs. Include relevant presentations and demos for every vertical in which you compete, and insist that your sales team further customize those for each opportunity and customer.

Video Sales Prospecting StatisticsWith personalized messaging in-hand, encourage your sales team to use your video platform to record the entire thing. Video allows you to provide a more targeted, relevant, and engaging message for your prospect to watch and share, while also ensuring your sales team can give a best-case presentation, without fear of live demo failing or important points in your slides going unexplained.

Best of all, these videos can really boost your bottom line. Studies have shown up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they saw an explainer video first.

Add a personal touch to your sales call follow-up with video.

Looking for a simple technique to help your reps really stand out? Add a little video to your follow up communications.

Likely your team is already sending post-call follow up messages, including reminders of key points discussed and additional information to be shared with others who weren’t able to attend.

Recording that message as a brief video recap is a simple way to make that message more personal and engaging, and help differentiate your communications from those of your competitors.

Use video to enhance lead-scoring.

Another way you can use video to your benefit doesn’t involve creating video at all, but instead leveraging your existing video for valuable data on prospect and customer trends. With proper web tracking and lead monitoring technology in place, your team can use video analytics to see:

  • Which videos prospects viewed;
  • The dates and times the prospects viewed the video;
  • The number of times the prospect viewed the video;
  • The length of time the prospect spent watching the video;
  • The point at which the prospect stopped the video; and
  • Which interactive features the prospect engaged in.

With information like this, sales teams can determine the interest level of their prospects as well as which use cases and features attract them the most. Video statistics can also allow salespeople to prioritize prospects to focus on in their upcoming efforts, as well as schedule smarter follow-ups on previous communications.


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