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Scheduling When Your Videos Will Be Available — And When They Won’t — with Panopto

Today when you record a new video with Panopto or upload an existing video into a folder on your Panopto server, those files are instantly made available, and anyone with viewing access to the folder is able to watch them in full. By default, they’ll remain viewable until they are removed from the folder or deleted outright.

Sometimes, however, you may prefer to limit the availability of your videos — either by delaying when they are able to be viewed, or by selecting a time after which they will no longer be viewable.

In our newest release, Panopto’s done just that, including the ability to set availability windows both for folders and for individual videos, giving you the power to decide the exact date and time your audience will be able to watch what you’ve recorded.

Availability windows are accessed through the settings dialog box, and allow video creators and administrators to specify dates and times for when sessions become available for viewing, and how long they remain available. Setting availability is a breeze — see for yourself:


For business users, scheduled availability windows make it easy to set up approval workflows for your content, knowing the final product won’t be shared until specified. Availability windows can also be an easy answer to the problem of outdated video content — setting videos to expire after a quarter or a year can help ensure your audience doesn’t inadvertently find old information.

For university customers, scheduling availability windows can help you manage your files by allowing you to automatically make videos unavailable after the end of the semester.

With the new addition of scheduled availability, Panopto’s video content management system makes it easy to help ensure that your audience sees the right recording at the right time.

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