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Selling to Executives? Maybe It’s Not What You Say, But How You Share It

You’ve put hours, maybe weeks, into your new proposal. Found the data, confirmed the workflows, triple-checked the projections — it can’t miss.

Unless, of course, no one ever reads it.

Whether you’re a vendor pitching a new business opportunity, a supplier seeking to expand an implementation, or an in-house employee calling for new programs or improved processes, getting the support of the executive team is critical to your success. But these days, when executive schedules are seemingly always double-booked and boardroom attention spans can be measured in seconds, every one of us knows the heartburn that comes with crafting the perfect proposal — only to see it lost in the shuffle.

So How Can Your Proposal Break Through?

In an era where time is in short supply, you need more than a strong case — you need a strong case that’s easy for executives to consume.

Fair or not, your average executive simply doesn’t have time to read a complete report or proposal. Even if you pique their interest, you can bet at least a handful of other scheduled commitments and in-the-moment distractions will pull their eyes from your pages.

Executive summaries aren’t much better — your average executive already sees enough “key points” and “top takeaways”. And besides, stretched for time or not, no executive is going to give their buy-in based on the bullets alone.

What you need is a smarter way to share your proposal — and according to surveys of executives, that smarter way is video.

Senior Executives Video Statistic - Panopto Video Platform

Video is a Better Tool for Selling To Executives

The data is clear — video is an effective tool for selling to the C-suite. Executives overwhelmingly told Forbes Insight that video has fast become a preferred way for them to see a pitch or learn about new concepts and ideas. Consider the data:

  • 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week
  • About 50% of executives who view a video presentation go on to seek out more information — moving from awareness to interest in the purchase funnel.
  • 45% of executives report having contacted a vendor after seeing a vendor’s video presentation


Executives Statistic - Panopto Sales Enablement Video Platform

The implications for anyone attempting to communicate, inform, or persuade those executives are obvious: once your case is ready to be made, you should be making it with video.

Video makes almost any presentation, proposal, or other case easier for you to make and easier for your audience to review. The combination of visuals, audio, text, and movement makes your message more engaging, and has proven to be more memorable than text alone.

A busy executive may not have time to read a formal proposal for real comprehension — a video proposal lets you walk that executive through the proposal and highlight the most important points. And most importantly, by sharing your pitch as a video, you’re sharing your message with your executive audience in exactly the way they want it.

What Does a Video Sales Proposal to Executives Look Like?

Like any good pitch, you want to tailor your presentation to your content — and your audience. So here are a couple great examples of just how you can use video to help your presentation break through and get noticed.

A video sales presentation following up on a meeting:



A video sales presentation preceding a call to guide conversation:



Want to Learn More About How Video Can Help Your Sales Team Stand Out?

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