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The All-New Panopto Equipment Guide is Here!

One of the best parts about Panopto is that our system often works with the hardware you already have. But if you’re looking to upgrade your computers, video equipment, or microphones, we want to make your decision-making process as easy as possible.


So recently, our Customer Service team launched a new equipment guide: http://support.panopto.com/equipmentguide

Whether you’re looking for advice on a simple setup to record presentations or screencasts using your laptop and a webcam, or a top-of-the-line solution for event webcasting and remote recording with HDMI video cameras and XLR microphones, our equipment guide can help you find the right combination of our favorite hardware solutions.

The guide diagrams how the devices connect together, and gives you the option to purchase each bundle from a third party vendor.

If you want to upgrade your hardware, there’s no easier way to outfit yourself for Panopto.

Is your company still reliant on specialized AV capture appliances?
If so, check out laptop bundles 2 and 3 for a high-powered, mobile video solution. At a fraction of what you’d pay for fixed capture hardware, you can simultaneously record 720p video and 1080p screen output using a laptop and a palm-sized DVI to USB 3.0 capture device.

Our goal is to bring high quality video capture and live streaming within reach for anyone in your organization. Our software makes it easier to deploy and scale a video solution across the enterprise. And the new equipment guide will help ensure that you’ve always got the right hardware for whatever your video capture scenario.