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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — August 1, 2014

This week in ideas has an event to share with you.

Several events, actually — it’s been a great week for keynotes, breakouts, guest speakers, and information sharing sessions of all kinds.

Why? Well the reasoning is simple — for all the world’s tools, devices, and communications systems, there is perhaps no stronger way to share a message than to make a presentation. Events bring together an audience as kindling for the spark of a message, with the opportunity to ignite an idea and maybe even change the world.

Of course, it never hurts to make sure your event can reach the biggest audience possible. And that’s where video comes in.

Video helps you scale your events twice:

  • First, during the event itself, video platforms like Panopto allow you to live stream a webcast of the event over the internet to thousands — even tens of thousands — of viewers anywhere in the world.
  • And again, after the event wraps up, a video platform can allow you to almost instantly share the recording of the event on-demand. 55% of webinar viewers actually watch the video after the live event ends — sharing video of your event may enable you to effectively double the size of your audience.

Often we think of events as enormous undertakings that require months of planning and production — and while video absolutely contributes to those events too, even much smaller get-togethers benefit from recording. Employee town halls, quarterly summits, and even brown bag meetings are often the source of great insights and a place for idea sharing — recording those events is an easy way to ensure your business saves the knowledge that would otherwise be lost whenever an employee leaves the organization.

This week we saw more educational and entertaining recordings among the latest presentations shared online with the Panopto video platform. And in the spirit of passing it on, these are just a few of the ideas shared this week with Panopto’s video recording software.

Supercomputing and Big Data - Panopto Online Presentation Platform

The Fusion of Supercomputing and Big Data: Cray Supercomputers
In this recorded lecture, Peter Ungaro, President and CEO of Cray Inc, joins the Duke University department of computer science as a distinguished lecturer, sharing his insights on big data and what the development of the big data industry means for the advancing the technology industry and for better understanding the trends and history of humanity in general.

The Right to Try - Panopto Online Presentation Platform

Ethics Bites: “The Right to Try?”
The State of Colorado has introduced legislation that would be the first of it’s kind in the US: giving the terminally ill the “right to try” experimental drugs not yet approved by the FDA. The legislation has produced a lively debate in the media — in this recorded debate and discussion, the University of Colorado addresses the controversy in the latest of it’s series of videos on modern ethical challenges in the healthcare field.

Women and the Media Presentation - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Women and the Media
The University of Birmingham invites Professor Mark Foster to share his expertise on the current state of how women are portrayed in the media. Foster’s recorded guest lecture looks into the media’s “cult of youth,” and what that means for the treatment of older women in news and other programming. Foster’s talk also delves further into modern issues of feminism in the media, including coverage of the growth of women in the corporate boardroom and the “Ban Bossy” campaign.

Co-Innovation Lab Presentation - Panopto Event Capture Platform

Association for Science Education Co-Innovation Lab & Future Airport Unlimited
In this era of TED Talks and conference keynotes, it’s easy to think about how video can add to a traditional event presentation. To get a little more out of the box, check out this recorded breakout session from the ASE’s Co-Innovation Lab, where the entire audience is broken up into teams for “speed thinking” brainstorming activities, and where presenter’s work not only to offer ideas but to help participants develop their own.

Nikon Microscope Review - Panopto Video Platform

K16 Nikon Microscope Review — Henry Ford Medical Group
Sometimes the most critical information your staff will need is simply a detailed review of how the tools they use to do their jobs actually work. In this recorded presentation, join Dr. Jian Li as he offers a complete review of the features and functionality of the K16 Nikon Microscope for his peers in the healthcare industry.

On Campus Interview Tips - Panopto Video Platform

The On-Campus Interview and Beyond: Panel and Preparation Tips
As today’s law students prepare to graduate, on-campus interviews (OCIs) are becoming a common way for employers to seek out new legal professionals ready to start their careers. Like any panel interview, an OCI demands preparation. So for all those prospective attorneys out there, we invite you to join the University of Denver Sturm College of Law for this recorded seminar on tips, insights, and best practices for students getting ready for upcoming interviews.

Problem Solving Every Day - Panopto Video Platform

Problem Solving Every Day
As our final idea for the week, let’s hear from Western Governors University in this video testimonial to the power of encouraging problem solving every day as part of teaching mathematics to young children.

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