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This Week in Ideas Shared With a Panopto Video — May 16, 2014

Need to share an idea? Make a case? Teach a process — or a strategy — or a simple how-to? There may be no better way than by just recording a simple presentation.

At Panopto, we’re in the lucky position of being the tool of choice for sharing ideas at hundreds of businesses, schools, and organizations around the world. Every day we get to see incredibly smart, sophisticated, useful ideas shared as recorded presentations.

So in the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few of the ideas shared online this week with Panopto’s presentation recording software.

Rewilding Britain presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture

Rewilding Britain
The topic of “rewilding” has critical implications for land use practice in a world of increasing environmental change and instability. Join this recorded webcast from Aberysthwyth University of George Monbiot’s talk on the subject, and his vision of restoring the British landscape and its native flora and fauna in partnership with local communities.

Errors in Medicine thumbnail - Panopto Presentation Recording

Errors in Medicine: What Can We Do to Prevent Them?
Errors are the subject of Dr. Stephen Helms’ recorded presentation at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. There are a number of factors that may lead to an error in the practice of medicine — from psychological biases to deceptive data, Dr. Harris reviews the facts and the common causes for misdiagnoses and other preventable errors.

Global Macroeconomics lecture - Panopto Classroom Capture

Global Macroeconomics: From Subprime Meltdown to Global Financial Crisis
An example of lecture capture at its finest, join the students of Loyola University of Maryland for Global Macroeconomics class as they review recent history — the “great recession” stemming from the subprime meltdown to the global financial crisis. The class looks deep into the data underlying the difficulties to gain a better understanding of how individual variables can have massive effects in today’s interconnected worldwide economy.

Coastal Restoration Presentation thumbnail - Panopto Video Platform

Faults and the Mississippi Delta — Rethinking Coastal Restoration
Chris McLindon, a oil exploration geologist, presents the geologic history of the Mississippi Delta and its extensive fault system. These faults are key to understanding subsidence on the current delta and whether coastal restoration is possible.

Learning Styles lecture thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Learning Styles Review
NIACC’s Karen Regal shares her recorded presentation on the 3 most common styles of learning — auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Teachers, trainers, and anyone who’s ever shared an idea with others before know just how important it is to impart knowledge in a way that students will be receptive to. This brief video presentation offers great insights for those of us looking for good fundamental ways to better connect with students of any age.

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