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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — May 30, 2014

Sometimes getting out of the office for a day is the best way to give yourself space to think up new ideas, dig into potential new opportunities, and find solutions to old, unanswered problems.

It sure seems like this past long weekend helped to inspire a number of Panopto users. In this shortened week after holidays in the US and UK, we still saw a host of exciting new ideas, insights, and information recorded and shared.

In the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few of the ideas shared online this week with Panopto’s multi-camera video software.

Communicating Bad News

Join the Henry Ford Health System’s Dr. Anita Patel for this recorded presentation on how health care practitioners should communicate “bad news” with patients, including a six-step framework for helping those in the medical industry appropriately plan and conduct these often difficult but essential conversations.

Can We Use Cloud Computing For Things That Really Matter?

Professor Ken Birman of Cornell University delves into the state of the United States’ electric power grid, and the vision for a “smart grid” in this recorded lecture. Join Birman’s classroom as he covers the potential of smart grids, smart meters, and smart homes, as well as historical and technical hurdles to the implementation of each.

A Brief Introduction to Time, Time Zones, and Meteorology

Ever wondered why we talk about time the way we do? How the sun and moon do — and don’t — still factor in to the digits on our watches, or where and how time zones are applied? Find out everything you’ve ever wondered about how time works, in this lecture capture recording from Central Michigan University.

Big (and Messy) Data & Collaboration Workshop & Conference

Join HASTAC (The Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory), the National Science Foundation, and the Duke University PhD Lab on Digital Knowledge for this recorded live webcast of a workshop discussing the use of computational analysis, data extraction, and social networking analysis to investigate the interplay between scholarly communication and academic networks. The event invites researchers from around the globe interested in the impact of scholarly networks to cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional research to discuss the analysis of big (and sometimes messy) data in academic, collaborative settings.

Spinal Cord Injury: Practical Nursing

The Miami-Dade College School of Nursing shares a wealth of practical nursing tips for students planning to enter the medical field. Join this recorded lecture to learn more about proper treatment procedures for spinal cord injuries and important practices for correct diagnoses, shared with students planning to become the next generation of nurses in our healthcare system.

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