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This Week In Ideas Shared With a Panopto Video — September 26, 2014

Autumn may have just officially started, but for many academics, the fall conference season is already in full swing. At universities around the world, professors, researchers, faculty, and students are attending events to share ideas and discuss a range of topics.

Although these events were free and open to the public, making the presentations available online has enabled audiences far beyond the campus gates to engage in the discussion.

And in the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few of the event presentations shared this week using the Panopto video platform.

Ebola Outbreak presentation - Panopto Video Platform

Ebola: The Outbreak and the Response
This week, Duke University’s lecture series on the West African Ebola crisis shed light on what has now become the largest outbreak in history. In this event-opening talk, Drs. Michael Merson and Chris Woods of the Duke Global Health Institute (GHI) discuss the origins and risks of Ebola, the international response to the developing epidemic, and the long-term consequences of the outbreak.

Ebola Videoconference - Panopto Video Platform

Nigeria’s First Hand Country Response
Continuing the discussion at Duke is this fascinating video conference with Dr. Faisal Shuaib of the Ebola Emergency Operations Center in Nigeria. In this presentation, we learn about the country’s establishment of a central organization to coordinate all outbreak response activities, and hear a first-hand account of the successes and challenges in containing this deadly disease.

Food Issues Presentation - Panopto Video Platform

World Food Issues, Health, and the Environment
Ebola wasn’t the only public health issue being discussed at Duke this week. In this presentation, Kelly Brownell, Dean of Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, discusses how the factors of food insecurity, obesity, agriculture, and food safety influence each other, and how they impact food policy.

Ethics Bites Presentation - Panopto Video Platform

Ethics Bites: Physician Aid in Dying
This week also saw a thought-provoking presentation at the University of Colorado Denver on the ethics of physician-aided death. Jennifer Ballentine, Vice President of Hospice Analytics, leads a case-based discussion on the fine line between the rights of moral agents and impermissible killing.

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