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This Week in Ideas Shared with a Panopto Video — May 9, 2014

Got an idea that needs to be shared? A new best practice ready to be taught? New numbers ready to show?

Recording your presentation — streamed live by webcast or shared online on-demand — is a great way to show what you know and help others learn it too.

At Panopto we’re in the lucky position to be the tool of choice for sharing ideas for hundreds of businesses, schools, and organizations around the world. Every day we get to see incredibly smart, sophisticated, useful ideas shared as recorded presentations.

So in the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few of the ideas shared online this week with Panopto’s multi-camera video recording software.

Translating Big Data presentation thumbnail - Panopto Online Presentation Platform

Translating Big Data into Business Decisions
Big data analytics and measurement tools are the next trend in management education, transforming both the practice of management and management theory. Find out more about how to put data to work in your organization in this public symposium organized as part of 2014 Big Data Week in Chicago, originally webcast and now available on-demand by the Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business Center for Risk Management.

Obesity and Cancer presentation thumbnail - Panopto Presentation Capture Platform

Obesity and Cancer Progression — the Role of Inflammatory Pathways
The health risks of obesity are already well-documented, and researchers continue to find new connections between obesity and other health problems. In this on-demand recorded presentation, University of Texas at Austin Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences Dr. Linda deGraffenried shares the latest research, digging into the data on obesity and cancer risk, and detailing the mechanisms by which obesity promotes cancer development and progression.

University of Baltimore presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture

ALL ACCESS: Access to Justice — Special Populations: Prisoners
Information access is a need we all share. But not all information is easy to find — especially for people in restricted environments. Join Correctional Librarian Glennor Stacey for a fascinating recorded presentation on the information needs common amongst prisoners, shared as part of the University of Baltimore’s lecture capture program.

Marywood University presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture

Let’s Be Friends: Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom
We’ll leave this week in ideas set with a new entry on a classic philosophic question: do humans have free will? Join Marywood University Philosophy Professor Dr. John DePoe for his recorded lecture discussing the history of the question of whether divine foreknowledge implies a lack of free will among humans, and the Molinist Solution to the debate.

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