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Video On Campus: What’s Working and What’s Next

Yesterday, Panopto’s UK team hosted a workshop for colleges focusing on ways they use video in their classrooms — and why this medium is so important for today’s student learners.

The use of video on campus continues to be a hot topic, and today’s educators, technologists, and administrators are eager to share notes on what’s new, what’s working, and what’s next.

Our group launched right in to how they were already using rich media at their own institutions. Common first use cases for video included creating short promotional clips about the college, lesson observation videos created by the teacher for the purposes of self-reflection, and the bringing externally-sourced video content into lessons.

As these starting points were discussed, several attendees pointed out a few important limitations in their current strategies for video in the classroom, chiefly:

How Can Academic Institutions Overcome These Challenges To Video?

Many of these issues were tackled head-on in a talk by Benn Cass, Technology for Learning Manager at John Leggott College, who has been using Panopto to support and embed video use at his own institution.

Benn Cass Presentation - Panopto Lecture Capture PlatformBenn’s presentation told the story of his college’s journey with video from its initial use case to the latest innovations in teaching and learning. He outlined how the college began using video for lesson observation to help staff improve their teaching practice (something he covers in more detail in this guest blog post).

In just one example, a chemistry teacher at John Leggott College described how watching a recording of his own lesson back helped him realise that when he asked his students a question, he wasn’t leaving enough of a pause before he expected them to answer. The introduction of video in his class, then, has had a direct impact on his teaching style.

Having talked about their use of Panopto for staff self-reflection, Benn then moved onto discussing how usage of the system has developed in a whole range of emergent ways. He described how John Leggott College is now using video for:

  • Student induction clips – for instance, how to use the printers
  • Student assessment and moderation
  • Recording performing arts classes with a dual camera set-up
  • Capturing film students’ content alongside their audience’s reactions
  • Creating bite-sized revision clips
  • Flipping the classroom

Pervasive in the presentation was the notion that once colleges begin using video for one purpose, a whole host of new and compelling uses present themselves.

Overall, the group drove home the diversity of ways in which colleges want to use video to support excellence in teaching and learning, and it was exciting to discuss how our solution is supporting, and will continue to support, these kinds of innovations.

Ready to try video at your institution?
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