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What Makes Qualcomm a Top Training Organization?

man-touching-table-top-tablet_600x400_aSince its inception in 1985, Qualcomm has been at the forefront of the mobile telecommunications revolution. Today, the company leads the world in mobile technologies, supplying the chipsets and software driving our increasingly connected world.

However, it’s not just the engineers that are innovating at Qualcomm. Irwin Jacobs, Qualcomm’s co-founder and a former professor, has made lifelong learning a pillar of the company’s corporate culture, evidenced by the depth and breadth of training options offered to their 31,000 employees worldwide. Qualcomm’s deep dedication to employee learning drives their L&D teams to continually find fresh, creative ways to deliver training across the organization.

Their efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed. Since 2000, Qualcomm has been consistently ranked as a top training organization by Training Magazine and the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).  The company’s Chief Learning Officer, Tamar Elkeles, was awarded CLO of the Year by CLO Magazine in 2010. And in 2015, Qualcomm earned the top spot in CLO Magazine’s LearningElite program honoring the best L&D organizations.

So what sets Qualcomm apart as a leader in employee training? Their integration of technology into the employee training process, including the use of mobile apps and video.

Mobile Learning Through the Employee AppStore

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is a key component of Qualcomm’s L&D strategy. With the launch of the Qualcomm Employee AppStore in 2013, employees are able to download training and other company content in mobile app form. Topics ranging from compliance training to sexual harassment to social learning are offered, all through the mobile devices that Qualcomm employees use every day. CLO Magazine reports that 43% of Qualcomm employees (including 74% of vice presidents and higher level executives) have used the Employee AppStore, accessing more than 20,000 hours of training content.

Using Video to Scale Training

From technical skills training to leadership development, Qualcomm employees have access to a wide range of learning opportunities through their corporate learning portal, The Qualcomm Learning Center. Each year, the company holds more than 600 instructor-led training classes, along with countless knowledge-sharing sessions, brown bag discussions, and other informal learning events.

Top Training Organization Case Study

In order to scale these in-person sessions, Qualcomm turned to video — and the Panopto enterprise video platform. Using Panopto, Qualcomm broadcasts training sessions live for employees who can attend in real-time. Those unable to attend the training or watch the live webcast are able to view the recording on-demand minutes after the meeting wraps up.

Ken Davis, Senior Learning Technology Specialist at Qualcomm, notes: “We knew there was a wealth of information being presented in those environments, and we wanted to make it available for everyone. Now we can and do.”

To learn more about how Qualcomm is using video to scale and enhance learning, download our case study.

Looking to Improve Training in Your Organization?

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