Panopto Announces Upgrade Program for Tegrity Customers

Migration tool, professional services, and financial incentives make it easy for Tegrity customers to switch to a modern lecture capture platform with industry-leading customer support.SEATTLE, Apr. 1, 2015 – Panopto, the leading video platform provider in higher education, today announced a comprehensive upgrade program for McGraw-Hill Tegrity Campus customers. As part of the announcement, Panopto is launching a migration tool that has already been used to convert more than 100,000 hours of Tegrity video content, professional services to assist universities with the transition, and complimentary closed captioning services for customers who upgrade by June 30, 2015.

A Migration Tool with Over 100,000 Hours of Proven Experience
For academic institutions with large archives of Tegrity videos, preserving the important content and intellectual property in those recordings is a top priority. To address this need, Panopto has developed a migration tool that automates the conversion of Tegrity videos and automatically uploads the converted content to a new Panopto video library.

To date, the migration tool has been used to successfully convert over 126,000 Tegrity lectures and other recordings to Panopto. The conversion process maintains the fidelity of presenter video, additional video sources, slide presentations, captions, and edits, and automatically creates a table of contents and thumbnails for navigation. Once converted, recordings are indexed for search using Panopto’s unique Smart Search technology. During playback, many converted recordings can be watched in higher quality using Panopto’s HD video support at up to 60 frames per second.

Professional Migration Services
Last June, the University of Washington and 33 academic institutions across Washington State migrated from Tegrity to Panopto as their campus-wide video solution. During the transition, Panopto’s customer service engineers partnered with these institutions to implement the new lecture recording system, integrate with the institutions’ existing LMS, and help transition staff and more than 400,000 students to the new technology ahead of the coming academic quarter. A case study detailing the migration can be found on Panopto’s website.

As part of today’s announcement, Panopto is rolling out these professional migration services to assist any university with their transition from Tegrity. The services offering is affordably priced, and is based on the amount of Tegrity content being converted.

Closed Captioning Promotion
Panopto is also offering a special promotion to Tegrity customers for a limited time. Any university that commits to migrate from Tegrity to Panopto before June 30, 2015 will receive $2,000 in complementary closed captioning services as part of their Panopto subscription. With the increasing focus on accessibility in lecture capture, the offer underscores Panopto’s commitment to ADA and Section-508 compliance.

For Tegrity customers interested in finding out more about the upgrade program, email [email protected] or call 855-PANOPTO (855-726-6786).

About Panopto
Since 2007, Panopto has created software that enables academic institutions of all sizes to record, broadcast, search and share all of their video content and lectures. Panopto is the fastest-growing flipped classroom and lecture capture solution at leading universities around the world. Privately-held, Panopto was founded by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. For more information, visit