Panopto's content delivery network is flexible and can work with your existing ECDN

Live stream through Panopto using your existing encoding infrastructure.

Panopto gives you the option to broadcast live video at scale using your existing RTMP encoding infrastructure. Simply connect your RTMP encoders to Panopto’s cloud-based video platform to securely live stream presentations and events to tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers, either within your WAN or across the public internet.

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Record RTMP feeds and playback video instantly or on-demand with Panopto

Record RTMP feeds for on-demand playback.

As you live stream your event, Panopto also records the video content. This means that anyone who joins the event late won’t miss any of the broadcast, and anyone can view the event on-demand in its entirety when it’s over.

When your event wraps up, the recording is instantly available with accompanying metadata as well as a table of contents and slide thumbnails, which Panopto automatically extracts during the live stream. The recording is also indexed for search, so anyone in your organization can search the archived video for any word spoken on shown during the event and fast-forward to that exact moment.

Easily record and broadcast public or private live streams with Panopto for a fraction of the cost

An easy, cost-effective way to securely stream live events.

If you’ve ever thought recording and streaming live events was too complex to produce and manage in-house, it’s time to think again. Panopto enables AV and IT teams to produce professional event videos at a fraction of the cost you’re used to paying for outside vendors.

Record and live stream with just a few clicks. Once your event is over, Panopto eliminates the publishing delays that are common with most live event workflows — indexing for search, transcoding for optimal playback on any device, and instantly making the file available in your corporate video library.

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