The pandemic has transformed education, institutions were forced to accelerate their adoption of technology. The SSN College of Engineering (SSN) decided to write a new code of education to meet the challenges of online education, including conducting online classes and lab sessions in asynchronous learning environments.

Join this on-demand fireside chat webinar and hear the sharing from the SSN College of Engineering.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How to deliver online classes while keeping students engaged
  • The benefits of the synchronous and asynchronous teaching approach
  • How to using instructional videos to bridge the gap for online teaching and learning


  • Elle Hosek, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Panopto


  • Dr. Shashikant Albal, Director, SSN College of Engineering
  • Dr. C. Aravindan, Professor & Head, IT Department, SSN College of Engineering
  • Dr. Prita Nair, Professor, SSN College of Engineering
  • Dr. K. B. Sundharakumar, Assistant Professor, SSN College of Engineering

Watch the Webinar