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2024 Workforce Training Report

Train smarter, not harder. The era of on-demand workforce learning is here.

Panopto surveyed business leaders across industries–energy, transportation, healthcare, and more–to take the global pulse on workforce training. We uncovered what’s working and what’s not and how learning with video powers agile workforce development beyond traditional methods for a future of learning on-demand.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How training with video stacks up against competing modalities across industries–from employee engagement to accessibility and more
  • Key drivers for workforce training initiatives and investment
  • Modern ways and best practices leaders deliver training with video–from micro training to content creator initiatives and more
  • Employee preferences for learning on the job, including tools, time, and content format
  • Desired outcomes business leaders need from training most

The era of on-demand workforce learning is here. But while quality training becomes increasingly essential, current methods for keeping employees adept aren’t always efficient–or effective.

Your business demands expert and evolving skills. And that’s true far beyond day-to-day operations. When employees leave, where does their knowledge go? Beyond innovative things to learn, learning and development leaders worldwide invest in reliable ways to keep training around: accessible, on-demand, and continuous.

When training lives forever, your business never reaches a ceiling but explores new possibilities for success.

Are you revolutionizing workforce training yet? 

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