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Institutional Success in a New Digital Age

6 Panopto Success Stories

At Panopto, we’re proud to partner with higher education institutions globally, supporting their mission to deliver flexible and impactful learning experiences. Panopto helps institutions of all sizes–from leading private schools, to public universities, community colleges, technical programs, and more–frame learning models that support unique institutional strategies, diverse student preferences, and new instructional methods.

The real impact of Panopto comes from our customers. This eBook offers a comprehensive view of how six Panopto institutions meet their students where they are with modern video learning strategies that design a smarter future of learning.

Why This eBook?

  • Get Strategic Insights: Understand why students want educational flexibility, personalization, and voice and how institutions use video to  help students learn on their own terms.
  • Real-World Impact: Hear from instructors and students about the impact of Panopto on their teaching and learning experiences. 
  • Model Design: Map objectives of implementing new learning models and benefits of video content and remote capture tools in an educational strategy. 
  • Accessibility: Learn how Panopto powers an inclusive, future-focused learning environment that personalizes education for students with diverse needs.
  • Digital Transformation: Discover how Panopto might help your institution meet new learning goals in a modern digital age.

It’s Time to Frame Your Institutional Learning Goals

Does your institution have a learning model that meets the demands of students and instructors today? With Panopto, you can innovate enrollment strategies, simplify learning processes, and deliver an educational experience your campus needs. “Institutional Success in a New Digital Age” is an inside look at how the right video-learning platform designs learning alongside smarter technology in an age where institutions recharter their future.

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