Jason Beem, Chief Executive Officer

Jason Beem has over a decade of experience as an executive leader at SaaS companies, shepherding them through change and driving product innovation and category growth. Beem spent 11 years in leadership roles growing facilities management software company Accruent from $13m to over $200m of revenue. With deep experience in high-velocity acquisitions and integrations, Beem has worked with private equity companies to help them accelerate growth for their platform companies by building robust leadership teams, driving operational excellence, and delivering financial rigor.

Uday Ghorpade, Chief Product Officer

Uday Ghorpade has over 20 years of experience building innovative, market leading SaaS products and solutions delivering double-digit growth and high net retention. Before joining Panopto, Uday spend over a decade building configurable and customizable analytics and HR / Finance / Payroll solutions for the K-12 market at PowerSchool and building media intelligence products and platforms at Meltwater. As a Group Vice President at PowerSchool, Uday led product strategy and go-to-market activities to deliver over 50% YoY growth for their analytics solution and 94%+ retention for analytics and HR / Finance / Payroll solutions with combined ARR over $90M. Uday successfully transformed Meltwater into a multi-product media intelligence platform company from a news monitoring product organization and grew the revenue from $45M to over $200M in over 4 years. Throughout his professional journey, Uday has been laser focused on building and growing the right team, introducing efficient tools and processes, and launching category leading products and platforms across multiple domains to deliver strong revenue growth and retention by the delighting customer.

Panopto Team

Andrew Herning, Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Herning has over 20 years of experience in various executive leadership roles within the Finance departments of global companies as well as mid-market SaaS and technology services companies managing and directing strategic and business operations. Herning most recently spent over seven years at Billtrust, a leading Fintech SaaS software and payments leader, helping triple revenue through organic growth and multiple acquisitions and capital raising events, as well as taking them public and eventually a successful sale. Herning has a proven record of improving businesses through effective team leadership, customer focus, analytical excellence, and process improvement.

Amit Mondal Chief Technology Officer

Amit brings more than 20 years of experience in building enterprise-class software and cloud solutions for managing mission-critical business processes. Before joining Panopto, Amit spent a decade building best-in-class Learning Management systems for K12 at PowerSchool and for corporates at SumTotal Systems. As Vice President at these companies, Amit led global development teams through fast-paced change by driving organic innovation and integration of over a dozen acquisitions. Amit drove scale and maturity in software development and delivery and accelerated value creation with the right people, tools, and processes enabling multi-fold growth in revenue and profitability for the software organizations in a quick time