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5 + 5 = Better Business Video

In its recent paper, Developing Use Cases for Sharing Video Content in the Enterprise, Gartner Research analysts identify what they’ve called “the five use cases representing the greatest value to organizations with the lowest risk.”

In no particular order, Gartner identifies today’s low hanging fruit of business video as:

  • Vision and mission onboarding video for new hires, where video can both reduce training costs and enhance connection to corporate culture
  • How-to video, on how to conduct inspections, where video can clarify typically complex instructions, as well as provide cost savings and improve performance
  • How-to video for customers, on how to use a product, where video can illustrate key features and getting-started steps for quick reference
  • Impact on customer video, where video can illustrate how customers use and value a product and spark new product development and extension ideas
  • How to use software, where video offers more detailed and visual training for internal and external users alike

For the majority of organizations, video is already a must – and many are already taking on one or more of Gartner’s recommendations above.

So we thought we’d share a few of our own new use cases — the Next 5 Things You’ll Be Doing with Your Business Video.

  • Virtual document reviews. Instead of writing lengthy, detailed emails listing the changes you’d like to see in a document, make a quick screencast instead. You can talk through your notes or show them in written form—no document scanning required.
  • Video brainstorms. Video your brainstorming sessions (both the group and the whiteboard). Now in 6 months when you’re stuck for new ideas, you can revisit the session and look for something that might have just been a bit ahead of its time.
  • Interview feedback. Next time you meet with a new job candidate, discuss your after-interview impressions on video. It’s easier and faster than doing so in writing.
  • Enthusiast demonstrations. Go beyond the basic how-to and share insights meant for your brand enthusiasts. Coffee shops can demonstrate brewing techniques. Medical centers can share seasonal health tips and advice. Designers can discuss their rationale for next season’s color palettes. Anything your customer is interested in is an opportunity to bring them an in-store video experience.
  • Social learning. Every team has its resident expert it can turn to with questions on how things work. Make all that institutional knowledge easier for your team to tap into—and for the rest of your company to search—by recording your guru’s answers to their most common questions and sharing them in your video library.

However your business is using video, make sure your video content management system makes it easy to record, store, share, and search every video file in your library. Looking for a solution that makes all that and more easy? Give Panopto a try today.