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6 ways NYSE Euronext Uses Panopto to Improve its Business, Part 2

This is the second of 3 posts detailing NYSE Euronext’s adoption of Panopto to record and manage video for product demonstrations, training, and corporate communication:

1.     Empowering Product Managers at NYSE Technologies
2.     Online Training and Integrating a Global Workforce
3.     Recording WebEx Meetings and Executive Communication

Developing New Use Cases for Panopto at NYSE Euronext

NYSE Technologies’ early experience recording product overviews and demonstrations with Panopto (documented in Part 1) was promising. Michael Wanderer, Vice President of NYSE Technologies, found Panopto a breeze to implement and scale. “Panopto was incredibly easy to get up and running,” recalls Wanderer. “You can literally teach someone to use the technology in minutes. In a half hour you can learn to make a compelling video. It’s really that easy.”

As a completely software-based video platform, Panopto can be scaled to any sized organization literally overnight. Authorized viewers access content through a standard web browser, and recorders need only download a 3MB file to begin creating content. Panopto also works automatically with virtually any A/V setup, from a built-in laptop webcam or smartphone camera, to top-of-the-line equipment in a professionally designed recording studio.

This ease-of-use and scalability, along with the rapid growth of Panopto’s popularity within the NYSE Technologies, has led Wanderer and his team to expand the scope of their Panopto use to include a number of new projects.

Professional Training for NYSE Euronext Security Guards

Business Analyst Erin O’Connor, who manages NYSE Euronext’s Panopto installation, is beginning to field requests to use Panopto from different departments within the company. Recently, the Security Department in the New York offices of NYSE Euronext used Panopto to record a series of training videos for the ongoing education of their personnel.

The ability to offer training on-demand was attractive to the managers of the Security Department because it could potentially solve a fundamental problem in their training program. The department had always had a hard time broadly administering instructor-led training because of the way shifts are necessarily organized for a service that is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. O’Connor thought this use case would be an excellent test of Panopto’s reach.

The first training installment was on Emergency Preparedness. ”The Security team wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get everyone to log on and participate,” O’Connor admits. “But they did, and it was easy. They have a real need for continuing education in that department, and Panopto has made it incredibly convenient for them.”

The Security Department can now administer up-to-date training at will, without wasting resources on repetitive live instruction and complicated scheduling. They can also track their employees’ progress through courses using Panopto Analytics.

Onboarding New Hires

Onboarding newly hired employees at a technical services company like NYSE Technologies is a knowledge-driven endeavor. New recruits need to absorb company procedures, basic product knowledge, and business strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But as O’Connor points out, “It can be very hard to get an hour with the product manager to get an overview of their product. It’s much easier to log onto Panopto, watch a 20-minute video, and then formulate some informed questions for a 10-15 minute meeting. It ends up saving everyone time and makes the entire process more productive.”

There are obvious benefits to having access to 30+ searchable, well-prepared product recordings on-demand. But such videos do more than just distill product information for a new hire. They also convey a great deal about the culture of the company and the people who run it. New recruits see the faces and hear the voices of key employees. They’re introduced to their styles and personalities. By combining video, audio, PowerPoint, screen capture, and more, Panopto helps make the onboarding process a more immersive experience.

Integrating a global workforce

NYSE Euronext has offices in New York, London, Belfast, and is rapidly establishing a strong presence in Asia. But like all large global companies, collaborating across borders, cultures, and international time zones is a constant challenge. “It can be quite difficult to get a Product Manager in New York in touch with, say, a support employee in our Asia office,” O’Connor points out. “But with Panopto, they can create or watch recordings during their own business hours, effectively eliminating the time and location differences.”

A perfect test of this capability came with NYSE Euronext’s acquisition of a company called Metabit. With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Australia, this Australasian company is literally on the other side of the world from New York. Metabit makes market access products, and like any company that is folded into a larger, more complex organization, its employees had a lot of ground to cover.

Metabit products will be sold in Asia in conjunction with the rest of the NYSE Technologies portfolio. The purchase of Metabit will also advance NYSE Technologies’ larger strategy of building a global liquidity network. In order to effectively offer this expanded collection of products and services to its community of 140 trading firms in Asia, Metabit employees required a crash course in NYSE Technologies’ product lines and business strategy.

Erin O’Connor and the NYSE Technologies product managers had the perfect resource in the 30+ product overviews and demonstrations they had just created. Those recordings have become an indispensable learning tool for the employees at Metabit. They can review recordings at any time and can search for specific content within individual sessions or across the entire NYSE Euronext library. “Integration can be tough,” O’Connor admits. “There’s a lot to absorb and learn after you’ve been acquired, and in this case, we really don’t work any of the same hours. There’s no overlap there. Panopto has been an essential tool in the integration process. The folks at Metabit are our most avid users at the moment.”

Next up: Recording WebEx Meetings and Executive Communication