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Accelerating Corporate Learning By Simplifying Training Video Production

About the company:

A global professional services specializing in business transformation, this company drives digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for its clients. 

With more than 75,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of US $2 billion, today the company oversees thousands of processes for hundreds of Global Fortune 500 companies.


Through a combination of advanced technologies, domain expertise, and detailed analytics, this provider of professional services helps hundreds of Global Fortune 500 companies modernize their business systems and ensure data flows seamlessly between IT investments. A leader in the space, the company has earned a reputation for helping customers reduce costs, generate growth, and improve agility. 

It’s an organization that leads by example, making transformation happen throughout its own business as well. The company’s corporate culture is obsessed with learning. Leaders prioritize employee development and encourage knowledge sharing among the company’s 75,000 personnel. This focus has helped the organization build a global workforce across 20 countries, armed and ready with the latest information to help their clients perform at their best. 

The challenge:

Reduce the Time and Resources Needed to Produce Training Videos

Early on, company leaders saw the potential value of using video to support learning and development activities. Video-based training materials could enable instructors to train a global workforce at scale, accommodate different learning styles, more actively engage employees, and present complex ideas or processes more clearly than was usually possible with static documents and guides.

But there was a challenge: the company relied on external video production vendors to produce their training videos. And that meant high costs and long turnaround times. 

Each time the company wanted to create a new video to add to its employee training curriculum, the typical process would require many weeks of work. The Learning & Development team would have to source a vendor, then spend weeks planning out the shoot and getting everything ready. Once the shoot was complete, the video would spend another week or two in editing and production before finally being burned to CDs or DVDs. The company was then in charge of distributing those physical files to employees, as well as ensuring they were returned so they could be shared again with others. 

In a world where professional-quality video cameras had become standard features on most smartphones and laptops, and where physical video files were quickly becoming obsolete as people shared video files online instead, the whole process seemed outdated.

Seeking to reduce its reliance on slow, costly external video production vendors, as well as to help more efficiently spread knowledge and information throughout the organization, the company began to look for a more modern video solution.

The solution:

A Flexible and Intuitive Video Platform Designed for Learning

Company leaders envisioned a new video solution serving to empower anyone in the organization to record and share training videos, thereby helping knowledge spread virally throughout the company. 

Early in their search for such a solution, a partner recommended the company’s Learning & Development team try Panopto. Right away, the team was impressed with the flexibility of the Panopto video platform, as well as how easy it was to use. 

With Panopto, all that was needed to create a new video was a laptop and a webcam, or a smartphone with a camera built in. Panopto would automatically recognize all available video sources, computer screens, and audio devices, so an employee could create a video simply by selecting the sources they wanted to capture and pressing “record.” 

Better still, Panopto made it easy to include additional content in training videos. Panopto automatically synchronized video of the presenter alongside supporting media like PowerPoint slides, on-screen content, and additional supplemental video feeds. This meant that along with capturing formal training videos, employees could conveniently record process demonstrations, document subject matter expertise, and even live stream executive communications. 

And Panopto did more than simply capture video. Panopto’s online video editor made it easy for everyone to edit their own videos without specialized software. Employees could cut out unwanted sections, splice in new content if a training needed to be updated, and even add interactive quizzes to reinforce learning, all with just a few clicks. 

Panopto also took care of all the technical production steps that had previously required vendors to handle. Every video uploaded to Panopto was automatically processed to ensure optimal playback on any employee’s laptop or mobile device. And every video in the Panopto library would be securely available for the team to embed online in the company’s learning management system (LMS) and SharePoint, making sharing recordings far easier than was ever possible with physical DVDs.

The results:

From Weeks to Hours: Agile Video Production with Panopto

After a short pilot, the company chose Panopto as their go-to solution to support rapid and efficient video-enabled training and knowledge sharing. 

Agile training video creationThe company’s Video eLearning Lead oversees the administration of Panopto. He’s observed first-hand how quickly employees have become comfortable using Panopto, and how the team has been able to transform the once-arduous process of recording training videos into an easy one. 

“We’ve found Panopto to be intuitive and very easy to use, no matter who is using it. With only a little coaching to get them familiar with the software, employees are able to start recording training videos with Panopto on their own almost instantly.”

Post-production tasks are also a breeze. “Editing videos in Panopto is fast and easy. Now we can update our video training materials in minutes, the moment they go out of date.” 

Processes that used to take weeks can now be done in hours.

“The best thing about using Panopto is that we are no longer dependent on a third-party company to produce our training videos. With Panopto, there is no lag time. We do all of our own recording in real-time, and just minutes after we’re finished, we’re able to distribute the new videos to any employees we want, anywhere around the world.” 

Expanding usage: 

Transforming More Than Training 

Initially, the company gave Panopto to its senior leaders so they could record videos as part of the internal training curriculum for specific product offerings. Following the success of that pilot project, the Learning & Development team invited other business units to use Panopto with the goal of finding even more efficiencies and innovative applications of video. 

The organization has continued using Panopto to accelerate knowledge sharing throughout the organization. Today teams inside the company have recorded hundreds of short microlearning videos, captured and shared standard operating procedures, and even begun recording their internal Zoom meetings to preserve crucial knowledge exchanged in real-time communications.

The Learning & Development team has also developed a new process for interviewing internal candidates for open positions within the company. Instead of conducting traditional face-to-face interviews between applicants and a hiring panel of managers and stakeholders, employees can now use Panopto to record a personal pitch as to why they’re suited for the new role. That video is then uploaded to a folder accessible by the hiring panel, who can then review each video as part of identifying the best candidate for the position. 

This new process minimizes the time panel members spend interviewing internal applicants and maximizes the number of people they are able to fully consider for a position. With this new system for interviewing, the company is now able to make internal hiring decisions in as little as just three days.

In short order, the company team has found several opportunities to use video to help improve the flow of information within the company’s global workforce and make existing processes more efficient. True to the spirit of continuous improvement that defines the company, the entire organization continues to look for new ways to transform the way they do business by leveraging the power of video with Panopto.

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