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Can You Panopto a Prezi?

Microsoft PowerPoint completely changed the way just about all of us teach, share, and otherwise visually present information.

For many businesses and schools alike, PowerPoint (and now Keynote for Mac and Google Presentations, among others) have almost completely replaced traditional written documents, becoming the de facto way we show what we know.

But for a new generation of presenters, that’s all changing.

A new wave of information design has shown the amazing potential of a single canvas to make a message memorable — resulting in infographics that share data, trends, facts, and ideas better than the best written executive summaries ever could.

In response, new presentation technologies offer presenters the ability to present a comprehensive message in a single panel. Perhaps best known of the group is Prezi, which allows users to build single-canvas presentations online.

Prezi has been well regarded as a new means of sharing information without resorting to the standard slide deck – but that raises an important question for many organizations to consider.

Sequential slides have become such second nature to us that many online presentation recording tools require users to compose in that format – without much opportunity to present “outside the box”.

As teams look for new tools to better share knowledge and ideas, is your organization’s presentation recording software up to the task?

So, can you record a Prezi? With Panopto, sure!

In fact, we just recorded our own sample Prezi presentation so you can see just how Panopto can support this new style of presentation tool.  Check out the embedded video below, or click here to watch the big version in our web viewer.

Panopto captures my presentation in full, down to the last detail. Unlike many other presentation capture tools, Panopto has no problem at all capturing every detail of your single-canvas presentation. And unlike basic screen recording tools, I can add my webcam and my complete presentation all at once – without having to sync multiple video feeds in post-production.

With Panopto, I just click record, present, and click stop — and everything else is automatic.

Here’s what happens when you record a Prezi with Panopto:

  • Panopto records my complete presentation in HD on my screen. I can even adjust the frame rate on my screen capture video, to make my Prezi’s animations super smooth.
  • Panopto also records my HD webcam recording me, giving me another point of engagement with my audience.
  • Behind the scenes, Panopto is indexing every word I say, as well as every word I show onscreen. Shortly after my presentation uploads, Panopto’s Smart Search capability will allow me to search this video for just about any keyword, and instantly fast forward to the relevant moment on-demand.
  • Because I’m connected my office network, Panopto is actually uploading my video while I’m recording it, so that I can have it ready to share just minutes – sometimes seconds – after I click “stop.”
  • Meanwhile, Prezi still allows me to share a link to my presentation canvas, for my peers who may want to click around themselves.

There are a million ways to share an idea. That’s why it’s important to make sure your video platform is up to the task of helping you record, share, and search more than just the standard slide deck — but anything and everything, anywhere and on-demand.

Try Panopto today to see just how easy it really is to record and share your presentations, no matter what kind of presentation you’re making. Contact our team for a free trial.