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Infographic: How Digital Learning Contributes to Deeper Learning

Technology is changing the face of education. Today’s students live in a world where information can be accessed 24/7 through mobile phones, tablets, and laptops — and according to a 2010 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, young people aged 8-18 spend an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes per day consuming media, and through multitasking are able to pack 10 hours and 45 minutes of media content into that time — 7 days per week. At the same time, students have increasingly come to expect the ability to consume content on their own terms, when and where they want it. As a result, engaging with students today means incorporating the technologies that have become ubiquitous in their lives into the learning experience.

Welcoming these technologies into the classroom isn’t just about breaking through the noise. There is a growing amount of evidence indicating that the use of technology-enhanced instruction, or digital learning, can improve student achievement. From blended learning environments to classroom software apps, to online skills assessment and more, digital learning is enabling students to retain more knowledge, engage more in the classroom, and increase performance.

Beyond the classroom, digital learning can have an impact on what is known as deeper learning — skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, collaborative working, and self-directed learning that enable people to take the knowledge gained from one situation and apply it to new situations. These skills are becoming increasingly important in a rapidly evolving, globalized work environment that demands flexible intelligence and an ability to adapt to change.

But what are some of the digitally-enhanced experiences that provide opportunities for deeper learning? Tom Vander Ark and Carri Schneider of GettingSmart.com have created an enlightening infographic detailing 15 deeper learning scenarios that can help students prepare for roles in a 21st-century workplace.


INFOGRAPHIC: Digital Learning and Deeper Learning 

Video Supports the Student-Centric Approach to Deeper Learning

Creating opportunities for deeper learning requires a student-centric approach to teaching that is structured around the needs of individual students. Shifting to a more personalized learning experience motivates the student to become more engaged and actively participate in their own education, which in turn fosters critical thinking and other deeper learning skills.

However, providing a customized learning experience for each student can only reasonably be done at scale through the use of technology. For many educators, the first step in providing personalized learning at scale is through the use of a video platform. Video technology enables a student-centric learning environment in the following ways:

  • Flipping the classroom. Under the flipped classroom model, teachers record lectures for students to watch before class, freeing up in-class time for teacher-supervised activities. A video platform’s ability to quickly record micro-lectures and tutorials ensures teachers can easily provide students with additional information based on discussions during class.
  • Data driven instruction. Video engagement analytics provide insight into student viewing behavior that can guide content customization. Information such as trends in viewer dropoff and repeated viewings can alert instructors to concepts that their students are struggling with.
  • Personalized skills assessment. Often, the allotted class time isn’t sufficient for professors to evaluate presentations and demonstrations from each individual student. A video learning platform enables students to record role-play scenarios, simulations, and presentations for the instructor to evaluate and provide individual feedback, leaving more class time for discussion and activities.

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