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How To Upload a Panopto Video To YouTube

Panopto is built to be a simple, end-to-end video platform that makes it easy for anyone to record, store, search, and share video. Part of what makes Panopto’s video platform so useful is that we automatically format every video in your library for playback anywhere — any web browser, any mobile device, and yes, even other video platforms.


There sure is. See just how easily you can post a video from your Panopto library onto YouTube, in the how-to video below.



Why might you want to post a Panopto video to YouTube?

While Panopto is designed to be a single, central place to store all of your organization’s video assets, there may be many reasons why it would be beneficial to export a Panopto video to another platform.

For videos intended to reach a large public audience — conference keynotes, faculty events, investor communications, and other large-scale activities — YouTube can be a simple means to help more people come across your content.

Marketers and other professionals may also value being able to export a video to other platforms as a means to more broadly share information, as well as to optimize their web presence and get their content found by search engines.

How to post a video from your Panopto library to YouTube

As shown in the video above, start in your Panopto video library, at the listing for the video you’d like to share. Click Settings to access all the options you have for your video.

Before you begin, note that you can always share your videos with anyone — even make them public — right from Panopto. Just click the “Share” tab to open your video’s sharing settings, and under the “Share with More People” heading, you can quickly make the video accessible to individuals, groups of people, and even make it public.

If you’d still like to upload a video from Panopto to YouTube, that’s easy too. Stay in the settings menu and click on the “Outputs” tab. This will open a menu showing all the options you have for how your video can be shown.

A quick aside — when you watch a video with Panopto’s web viewer, you’re actually seeing multiple videos streaming simultaneously, along with additional features designed to help improve navigation, share additional information, and make the video even more valuable.

YouTube isn’t able to support Panopto’s complete web viewer, so to upload a Panopto video to YouTube, you’ll want to upload the “Video Podcast” — a less complex version of our viewer designed for mobile phones — and that also happens to work well on YouTube.

To export a Panopto video podcast to YouTube, first look down to the “Video Podcast” heading. Before you download the video, make sure it’s formatted as you’d like. You’ll see in several options below the thumbnail, including how to display your video and how you’d like to position secondary video stream. You’ll also see the option to select the picture quality of your video.

When Panopto shares a video on our YouTube page, we typically select Picture-in-Picture and HD 720. Since this sample recording has only one video stream, we’ve selected Primary Video Only, and HD 720.

Then, just click download podcast. Once you’ve downloaded the mp4, open your favorite web browser and go to YouTube. You’ll need to sign in to YouTube to be able to upload the video presentation from Panopto.

Click “Upload” in the top right corner and select your video file from your desktop either by browsing or drag-and-drop. Be sure to select whether you want the video to be made public or private. For each video you upload, YouTube will allow you to enter and confirm information like title and description, as well as set thumbnails, add to existing playlists, and other options.

Once you’ve completed your information, just click the blue “Publish” button and you’ll be done! Your video is now live on YouTube.

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