Is Anyone Watching Your Videos?

For most organizations, simply having video available isn’t enough.

You need to know if people are actually watching it.

That’s why Panopto’s video platform includes a detailed video analytics suite, with reporting that provides insights on both video and viewer behavior. See what Panopto’s video analytics can help you find, in our new feature video.

Video Analytics and Reporting icon - Panopto Video CMS

Panopto’s video analytics and reporting features help you get the most out of your video by providing data about your video library and insights into viewing behavior.

Know whether your audience is watching your video

Panopto gives you detailed reports on video popularity and audience engagement for every video in your library, with trendline reporting and drop-off rates to help show where viewers began to click away.

Panopto reporting goes deeper than aggregate trendline information, allowing you to track viewership right down to the individual user — so you’ll always know if anyone stopped short on that latest compliance training or classroom lecture.

Know how your video is performing across your library

Along with individual viewer insights, Panopto also provides reports on video folder and session statistics so you can monitor the activity, health, and size of your video library, reporting number of users, folders, sessions, views, data servers, and more.

Integrate with your existing analytics

Already have an analytics solution at your organization? Great. Panopto’s APIs can give you quick access to reports programmatically, enabling you to integrate Panopto analytics with your existing in-house systems. And if your organization uses Google Analytics, you can even seamlessly connect your Panopto video library with your existing Google Analytics reporting.

Want to find out what you can see with Panopto video analytics? Contact us today to try Panopto free for 30 days.

Published: April 10, 2014