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Is Your Business Video Ready for Mobile?

Video and mobile are converging imperatives for IT departments.

According to Gartner, mobile ranks as the #2 technology priority for CIOs in 2013. Gartner also writes that the use of mobile devices to view, interact with and capture video is increasing dramatically worldwide, including at work, with video consumption happening on mobile devices as much as 10% of the time.

For the CIO, business video introduces two new considerations to your mobile strategy:

  1. Making it simple and secure to share video captured on smartphones and tablets
  2. Ensuring that videos can be viewed on the mobile devices employees bring to work

How can a video management system help?

First, video management providers often include native mobile clients for iOS and Android devices. These client apps use the device’s camera to capture video and compress it for efficient transfer over the wire. Then, using single-sign on with the company’s login provider, the apps authenticate the user and upload the video to a secure folder. The apps typically also allow for the upload of pre-recorded mobile videos from the mobile device (e.g.: videos that were recorded using another app).

Second, video content management systems include transcoding solutions that accept a range of video and audio file types and automatically convert them to formats that can be viewed on mobile devices.

VCMS transcoding of video formats into a mobile-friendly HTML5 - Panopto Enterprise Video Platform
Transcoding solutions help ensure that no matter where your business video comes from – and no matter what device was used to record it – your people will still be able to find and view it.

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