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Never Take Another Meeting Note

Every meeting is different. But they all end the same way.

Whether it’s your daily scrum meeting, weekly team stand-up, monthly executive update, or a one-time project kickoff, someone has to pull together notes, record ideas from the whiteboard, write it all up in an email and send the memo off to all involved.

Essential? Absolutely. A cost-effective use of your people’s time? Not when you’ve got other options.

The post-meeting email that identifies new or remaining action items and deliverables is essential to keeping the work moving. But getting all that from the meeting into email takes time.

So what’s a better option?

Record a video recap of the meeting

When your meeting wraps, take just 5 minutes with your laptop webcam or smartphone and record a rundown of the discussion, decisions, and next steps.

Record quick video recaps of meetings to transmit important information

If you’ve used a whiteboard to take notes, capture the details recorded there too. Point out highlights, and add your own summary bullets as well.

Panopto users can even simplify this further, by using our multi-stream capability to record from two webcams at once, focusing one on the whiteboard and one on you – so you never miss getting the right angle on any idea.

Once you’ve finished, just upload the video to your corporate YouTube (say, Panopto), share the link with your team, and get back to work.

You’ll be surprised just how much time a 5-minute video will save you in place of the standard email write up.

Need a system that makes this easier than your video conferencing tools? Sign up for a free trial of Panopto today.

Try Flipping Your Meetings

Our free white paper walks you through how to make your business meetings more effective and productive by flipping them. Download the white paper: Turn Your Meeting On Its Head: A guide to flipped meetings.”