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Panopto Video Platform 4.4 – What’s New

Today, we’re launching the latest version of our online video platform. Panopto 4.4 comes on the heels of our last release in March, and includes a new native iPad app, video switching functionality in our editor, and the first ever “Panopto Certified” video capture device.

Panopto Mobile for the iPad

Panopto Mobile is now available as a native iPad app and is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. After the first release of Panopto Mobile for the iPhone, we got a lot of feedback asking for an iPad-specific version of the app. Rather than just reformat the iPhone app for the iPad’s form factor, we rebuilt the app from the ground up to incorporate a lot of the interactive features found in our web-based viewer, such as table of contents, closed captions, thumbnail-based navigation, and inside-video search. The iPad app also supports recording of iPad video with automatic upload into Panopto’s video content management system.

Panopto Online Video Platform - 4.4 iPad app

Multi-Track Video Switching

If you’ve ever captured an event using a high-end solution like NewTek’s TriCaster series, you know that that one the benefits is the ability to record multiple tracks of video simultaneously, and then in post-production, control when switching occurs between the video tracks. In Panopto 4.4, we’ve built this video switching functionality into our web-based editor. So now, from any PC, Mac, or iOS device, you can capture multiple video tracks simultaneously using Panopto, and then control the playback of those tracks using a simple web-based user interface.

Panopto Online Video Platform - Video Switching

Panopto Certified Remote Recorder

For the first time, our customers can use a portable, turnkey appliance to record Panopto videos and presentations. The Panopto Certified Remote Recorder is a plug-and-play video capture device, pre-configured to operate as a Panopto Remote Recorder out of the box. With it, you’ll be able to capture presentations, lectures, and events without the need to configure and maintain custom hardware and operating systems. The product was built in collaboration with Epiphan Systems, and will be available exclusively through Panopto.

Panopto Epiphan Remote Recorder
As always, we look forward to your feedback on this release, and if you’re new to Panopto and want to learn more about our video platform, click here to try our software for free.

– Ari Bixhorn