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Panopto Review in Streaming Media Magazine

Back in 2007, Panopto launched the first version of our product — a simple solution designed to help teachers in universities share classroom lectures without a mountain of specialized AV hardware.

From day one, our raison d’être has been to help people teach, learn and share ideas using video.

In 2011, as the first group of students to use Panopto through all four years of college began to graduate into the workforce, we expanded Panopto into the enterprise — providing businesses with an easy-to-use video management, video capture, and inside-video search solution.

Today video is pervasive, both in the enterprise and higher education. In education, trends like lecture capture, classroom flipping, and student video enable institutions like the University of Essex to record 80,000 hours of video annually with Panopto — that’s 9 years’ worth, every year!

Businesses, too, are doing more than ever with video — and getting amazing returns. Siemens has made video and Panopto an integral part of its internal training events, reaping huge savings in production costs. And a leading financial markets technology firm has found that video with Panopto is an incredibly easy way to scale their staff of product technology experts — without having to hire more experts.

And while Panopto started as a lecture capture company and expanded into enterprise video management, our technology is today increasingly used for enterprise streaming as well.

Last week, Streaming Media Magazine published a technical review of Panopto for streaming media professionals.  The six-page article by Jan Ozer offers an in-depth look at Panopto as a tool for capturing and live streaming video.

Ozer’s review covers a broad range of Panopto functionality — calling out the product’s overall ease of use and cost-effectiveness, its flexible video capture options, PowerPoint slide ingestion for search, mobile video recording and viewing, batch video uploading, and more.

Ozer also calls out some of the investments we’re making as part of our product roadmap, such as planned improvements to the Mac recorder and a transition away from Silverlight. In the next 12 months, customers should expect to see Silverlight removed from the product, starting with the video pipeline for live and on-demand streaming, and followed by the web-based video editor.

“Overall, if you’re considering a learning capture system, you should check Panopto out; the economics of a system that doesn’t require proprietary hardware capture stations is simply too compelling,” writes Ozer. “Panopto was very well-conceived, and in general, is very easy to use for both presenter and viewer.”

In order to make video a viable tool for sharing ideas, you first have to build a solution capable of simplifying complex video management. We’re thrilled that Panopto has merited this kind of technical review — and this kind of praise — from the streaming media community.

See Ozer’s complete review in the current edition of Streaming Media Magazine, available in print. And don’t forget to also check out Ozer’s review of Panopto’s latest release, Panopto Greatly Enhances Video Search Capabilities in Version 4.6, covering our new Smart Search functionality, our Android app, our new video player design, and our 60-second branding feature.

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