Qualcomm Amplifies Global Employee and Partner Training with Panopto

ICON CTA - Qualcomm - Panopto Video Platform Case StudyAt Qualcomm, invention is at the heart of corporate culture — a value the company relies on in order to maintain its place atop the mobile technology industry.

Facilitating that culture is another closely-held principle: strong support for employee learning and development.

For Qualcomm employees, partners, and contractors, the company’s commitment to continuous learning is readily apparent in the volume of training options the company offers. Qualcomm’s learning and development teams facilitate more than 600 instructor-led training events annually, as well as a nearly endless stream of informal knowledge sharing sessions, guru talks, and brown bag discussions

Searching for Lower-Cost, More Scalable Training

Supporting its litany of live in-classroom sessions, Qualcomm uses video to expand the availability of many of its training courses, making most courses viewable on-demand for engineers, analysts, executives, and other members of the organization.

At first, Qualcomm relied on a vendor to produce its training videos, but it quickly became apparent that model wasn’t scalable. Recordings took weeks to produce, and each new session added yet another invoice against the budget. In addition, Qualcomm couldn’t offer technical enhancements to the videos like more reliable streaming, peer-to-peer sharing, or inside-video search to make the final products more user-friendly.

Collectively, Qualcomm’s learning and development teams went looking for a more efficient tool to deliver video for eLearning. That’s when they discovered Panopto.

“When I first found Panopto, I thought ‘Wow, we could create all this video ourselves, and it would be easy,” said Dana Sanderlin, Director of Product Management at Qualcomm. “This could open up our world.’”

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Download your copy of the Qualcomm Panopto case study today to learn how the world leader in mobile technologies is expanding its global learning and development programs with on-demand video, powered by the Panopto enterprise video platform.

Published: July 22, 2015

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