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How to Scale Your Next Webinar

Webinars continue to grow in importance for sales and marketing teams big and small.

A tried and true means to find prospects, engage leads, and help move potential customers down the sales funnel, the Content Marketing Institute now cites webinars as the third most-trusted B2B marketing tactic.

But according to new research from Adobe, if your webinar is only available as a live event, you’re missing out.

55% of all webinars are watched on-demand, after the webinar.


Webinar attendance stats

According to the data, most of the people who registered to attend your webinar will end up watching the content as a recorded video, after the live event has come and gone.

Schedule conflicts, technical difficulties with web conferencing software, and a myriad of other challenges to have created a world in which attending a live webinar simply isn’t always possible.

Webcasting software solves that.

With webcasting software, you can scale your webinars to more potential attendees than you can with webinar software.

Webcasting your webinars is a simple way to help increase your webinar attendance. A live webcast can be an effective supplement to virtually any web conference — particularly if you plan to have a small number of active speakers and a large number of passive watchers.

Panopto makes webcasting easy. With Panopto, you can stream live HD video and screencasts to tens of thousands of viewers around the world with just one click — from any laptop. And Panopto automatically records your webcast, uploads it to your video library, and encodes it for playback on any device in minutes.

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There are 3 ways webcasting with Panopto can help you scale your webinars:

  • Recorded webinar video available in minutes. With 55% of your audience waiting to review the webinar as a recording, the faster you can make your video available the better. With Panopto, you just open your webinar system, set Panopto to record your presenter video and screen content, and then present the webinar as you normally would. At the end of the webinar, Panopto will have your video ready to view on-demand in a matter of minutes.

  • Expand beyond web conference attendee limits. Webinars often rely on underlying web conferencing technology and thus are limited to the number of people who can attend. This number typically ranges from about 100 attendees to around a thousand based on the software and whether presenter video is included in the webinar. Because Panopto’s webcasting solution uses different technology to deliver video, it can be used to stream your webinar to thousands — or even tens of thousands — of people.

  • Promote and share your recorded webinar with ease. With Panopto you can promote your webinar with ease on social networks, email, and anywhere else you like prior to your session. After the webcast, the same links you used for your live webcast will direct viewers to the on-demand recording, so your viewers can still click your posts and tweets to watch your video well after the live event with no fear of finding a missing file. And you can embed the on-demand recording on any webpage.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your webinars by using the best software — and reaching your full potential audience. For more information on how you can scale your webinars with Panopto webcasting, contact our team today.