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Share Your Panopto Video on Any Webpage

As video continues its rapid growth as a tool for communication, training, and knowledge sharing, more and more businesses and universities are bringing in video content management systems to better manage and stream all the new recordings their teams are making.

These centralized video libraries may have started as backend tools for managing content, ensuring viewing device compatibility, and allowing for video search — but today many of these “Corporate YouTubes” have followed in the footsteps of their namesake and have become destination sites for internal audiences seeking to watch organizational videos.

But not every viewer is going to visit your organizational video library. And that’s especially true for those viewers short on time or attention, or those outside your organization who wouldn’t know where to look.

What you need is an easy way to bring your video to your viewers — right when and where it will be of greatest value.

Which is why Panopto makes it easy to embed your videos in any webpage.

Panopto automatically generates code for every video in your library that allows you to embed the video on existing intranet or public websites. This code is accessed through the Share tab in the Settings dialog box, and allows video creators and administrators to share videos anywhere online with a simple copy and paste. Follow the steps shown below:

How to embed a Panopto video in a webpage

Along with enabling you to quickly share your video content, Panopto also extends your organization’s brand with each video you share. Your Panopto embedded player is included in our comprehensive 60-second branding capability — making it easy for you to tailor the look and feel of your player to reflect your brand identity, color scheme, and logo.

So what does the final product look like? See for yourself:



Embedding video can help make your web pages more engaging. Studies have shown viewers stay longer and engage more fully with web pages that include video — providing a link simply doesn’t have the same effect.

For businesses and corporate users, embedding video can help internal communications come alive. According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents and email — making your video more easily accessible by embedding it helps your team better attend to your message. Already today organizations are finding new places to share video — from internal websites, to corporate blogs, channel communications, sales enablement materials, marketing platforms, training syllabi, and dozens of applications.

For educators, embedding video can be an easy way to ensure students have easy access to the videos you want to share. This can be exceptionally helpful for flipped classroom practitioners — embedding a set of videos in your online syllabus or regular communications will help ensure students are seeing all the videos you want them to, without the possibility for confusion that basic links can sometimes create.

Embedding your videos on other web pages is a quick way to get even more value out of your organization’s video content management system, and better help your audience see your message.

At Panopto we think that the benefits of sharing video by embedding it anywhere are so important that we made sure doing so would be easy. With Panopto you don’t need an advanced degree in web development to take your video online — just copy, paste, and share.

Try Panopto for yourself!

To see just how easily you can embed your videos with Panopto, or to learn more about how Panopto can help your organization use video to share knowledge, contact our team to request a free trial of our software.