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Making the Most Of Panopto’s Screen Recording Tools For eLearning

Screen recording software is an essential part of creating e-learning course content. There’s no better way to demonstrate software or processes than by recording the contents of your screen and making that recording available to your students.

Most screen recording software allows you to capture your screen contents and add voice narration to your video. But what can you do to make the experience more engaging for your viewers?

That’s where Panopto can help. With a couple of clicks in the Panopto recorder, you can add a webcam to capture video of yourself as you deliver a screencast. Your two capture sources — your screen recording and your webcam — are automatically synchronized and combined into a single Panopto video, which your viewers can access on any device. Your audience will be able to see both you and the material you’re presenting, which helps your learners — especially ones that might be new to e-learning — feel more comfortable with the medium.


Screen Recording with Panopto

Include a webcam video with your screen recording to engage your viewers

Once viewers have access to your recording, you can help them find precisely what they’re looking for using our Smart Search technology. Optical character recognition captures every word that appears on-screen in your videos, including any text in your screencasts. Additionally, our speech recognition technology indexes every word spoken during your presentation. Smart Search enables your viewers to search for a word or phrase that you’ve either said or appeared on your screen and automatically fast-forward to that particular part of your presentation.

To learn more about Panopto’s screen recording features, watch our video below.



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With Panopto, you can be sure that your viewers are getting the most out of what you have to teach them. If you’d like to learn more about delivering e-learning courses using the Panopto video platform, contact us to request a free trial today.