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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — August 15, 2014

Did you know that some species of sharks are able to physically warm their own eyes, to better hunt prey in cold waters?

Shark Week Vacuum KittyOr that sharks are generally susceptible to the moon’s pull on ocean tides, which has been shown to affect their eating habits and draw them closer to shore as the tides change?

Or how about that great white sharks are actually picky eaters, and will leave a meal uneaten if they determine it won’t meet their dietary needs?

Shark Week is upon us, and this week we’re celebrating with science — and some of our favorite presentation recordings featuring nature’s greatest predator and all things oceanic. We’ll even queue up John Williams’ infamous score for you.

So in the spirit of passing it on, these are just a few of the ideas shared this week with Panopto’s video recording software.

Endangered Ocean - Sharks - Panopto Video Platform

Endangered Ocean: Sharks
Sharks are endangered and need our help. Get to know the facts about sharks — and why a healthy ocean needs healthy shark populations — in this video presentation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Ocean Today.

Introduction to Marine Biology - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Introduction to Marine Biology
Shark Week elsewhere may be all about the action shot — but there’s more to ocean life than all that. Get to know the real world under the sea with the students at Miami Dade College, in this flipped classroom video lecture introduction to marine biology.

Ocean Circulation - Panopto Flipped Classroom Platform

Earth’s Atmosphere: Ocean Circulation
If you don’t know about the oceans, you don’t know about sharks. Get to know every shark’s home turf, in this recorded lecture covering the structure of the ocean, the ocean floor, movement of ocean waters, and much, much more.

Squid and Crayfish - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Pre-Lab Talk: Squid and Crayfish
Get to know a few of the shark’s saltwater neighbors — and sometimes snacks — in this lab discussion from the University of Virginia. This class goes deep into the details of mollusk and arthropod history, anatomy, and biology — and offers amazing insights for those who’d like to understand these species’ worlds just a little better.

NOAA - Top Predator - Panopto Video Platform

Top Predator
Alright, alright — it wouldn’t be a proper shark week without the gnashing of 300 razor-sharp teeth. For our final video this week, we return to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Ocean Today for this heart-pounding look at what makes the shark nature’s perfect predator.

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