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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — August 8, 2014

Seventy five percent.

People are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read the text of an email, document, or website.

It’s a stat that comes right from Forrester Research, and one that drives home just how valuable a tool video can be for getting a message across.

Right now there are learning and development teams at businesses all over the world making round after round of edits to training decks, executives tuning and retuning quarterly results announcements, and HR teams working and reworking the announcement of upcoming changes to benefits programs.

All essential information to share.

And all information that, according to Forrester, employees would be more likely to consume and comprehend if it were shared as a video instead.

Video doesn’t have to be hard. With a modern video platform like Panopto, all it takes is your existing presentation or document, the webcam already built in to your laptop or smartphone, and a single click on the “record” button.

When you’ve finished, you’ve got a complete, synced, HD presentation ready to edit, share via a central library, view anytime anywhere on any device, and even make available for others to search for and find at a later date.

More and more organizations are seeing the power of video-enabled communications. And the proof is in the tape — this week we saw more educational and entertaining recordings among the latest presentations shared online with the Panopto video platform.

And in the spirit of passing it on, these are just a few of the ideas shared this week with Panopto’s presentation recording software.

Interactive Data Analysis - Panopto Video Platform

Interactive Data Analysis and Data-Driven Journalism
Data analysis — including data-driven journalism — is a complex process with frequent shifts among data formats and models, and among textual and graphical media. Join the University of Washington’s Jeffrey Heer in this recorded guest presentation at Duke University to discuss how practitioners can better support the life cycle of analysis by identifying critical bottlenecks and developing new methods at the intersection of data visualization, machine learning, and computer systems. Heer raises a number of questions, including whether we can empower users to interactively transform and clean data at scale, design new tools for crafting custom visualizations without programming, and how might we enable domain experts to guide statistical methods to produce better models.

Five Big Ideas - Panopto Video Platform

Five Big Ideas for a World That Needs Changing
Join Trent University for this recording of Dr. Don Trescott’s keynote address as part of his inauguration as chancellor. A Trent University alum and author of The Digital Economy, Dr. Trescott shares his vision for the future on five important topics — education, life and health, cultural inquiry, indigenous peoples, and sustainability and environment. His keynote looks back to history for thoughts, ideas, and answers, with an eye toward making a difference in the future.

Presentation - Panopto Video Platform

Using Mother-Child Investment Clubs to Advance Maternal Newborn and Child Health
A host of social, cultural, and personal factors conspire to prevent new mothers from taking full advantage of skilled prenatal and newborn care options. In this video, sit in on the recorded seminar discussion Chama for Change, and hear Dr Astrid Christoffersen and Dr Laura Ruhl offer their insights on the state of maternal, newborn, and child health — and strategies for helping to encourage and enable more young families to receive the proper care in these critical formative years.

Soil Water Transfers - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

An Introduction to Soil-Water Transfers
The chemical contents of our soil and our water are inextricably linked — nitrogens and phosphates sprayed into our fields become part of the water supply, and cleansers and other contaminants rinsed into our water find themselves in the ground. But what’s the science behind this — and what does it mean for the future of ecology and the environment? Join Dr Phil Haygarth from the Environment Centre at Lancaster University for this recorded presentation on soil-water transfers to find out more.

Russian Hackers - Panopto Video Platform

Russian Hackers: A Towson University Office of Technology Services Perspective
Password security is back in the news following the reported theft of 1.2 billion passwords by a team of hackers this week. Knowing personal security could be at risk, the team at the Towson University Office of Technology Services decided to make sure that staff and students had heard of the theft, and share their recommendation for students to take action to protect themselves. Not content to send yet another email, Towson took heed of the stat from Forrester — and shared their message by video. The result is a great sample of how an organization can use video for communications that really stand out and get noticed.

Inaugural Address - Panopto Event Capture Platform

Presidential Inaugural Address — The Institution of Structural Engineers
Join the Institution of Structural Engineers as the group celebrates the inauguration of new President Nick Russell, of Thomasons Ltd, UK. With more than 34 years’ experience in commercial, industrial, and retail buildings with particular expertise in urban regeneration, Russell becomes the Institution’s 94th President. Russell’s recorded keynote address recounts his perhaps unusual route into structural engineering, then looks at some of the challenges for the Institution to ensure it remains relevant in today’s society and in particular how it can help those members that work in small practices.

CompSci 101 Presentation - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Introduction to Computer Science: Code Iteration
Sit in with Jason Jerald from virtual reality consultancy NextGen Interactions in this recorded guest lecture from the Duke University computer science program. Jerald takes his student audience into the details of the uses and value of code loops, and shares insights on practical applications for the concept in the field.

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