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This Week In Ideas Shared With a Panopto Video — June 27, 2014

Subject matter expertise can, at times, be something of a double-edged sword.

Certainly that knowledge is essential — part of creating a competitive difference in the business world, and central to effective teaching in the academic realm.

But being the go-to resource, by nature, means that you’ll spend some part of each day repeating yourself — as colleagues, students, and even management come to you time and again to ask for information or clarification. It’s an easy way to find yourself sidetracked.

Fortunately there’s a better solution for subject matter experts everywhere — video. Simply recording an explanation, demonstration, lecture, or other presentation and making it available on an organizational intranet or video library ensures everyone will get the answers they need — without taking you off task.

And more and more subject matter experts are starting to see the value of video. This week we saw ever more educational and entertaining recordings among the latest presentations shared online with the Panopto video platform.

And in the spirit of passing it on, these are just a few of the ideas shared this week with Panopto’s multi-camera video software.

Higher Education Teaching Matters - Panopto Video Platform

Higher Education Teaching Matters
Join Duncan Lawson, Pro Vice Chancellor Formative Education and Professor of Mathematics Education, for his recorded lecture on the importance of teaching in Higher Education. Lawson delves into the history of the lecture format, observes how today’s learners have changed, and looks into the future of the connected learner.

iFightDepression-Panopto Video Platform

iFightDepression: E-Self-Management of Depression in the Context of Current and Future Mental Health Programs
Depression and suicidality are two important and often overlapping public health problems. Because of this overlap, improving the care of people with depression is also considered to be an effective approach to prevent suicide. Join this day-long recorded symposium from the European Alliance Against Depression and Preventing Depression and Improving Awareness through Networking in the EU (PREDI-NU), as the groups create a forum of key political and academic stakeholders, generate discussion on current mental health policy and the future of e-self-management, and strengthen networks and create opportunities for sustainability and cooperation for future research.

Advancing Childrens Rights - Panopto Video Platform

Advancing Children’s Rights: Opportunities to Interact with the EU to Promote the Rights of the Child in Ireland
Share this recorded webcast from the University College Cork/Queen’s University Belfast Conference on Internationalizing Children’s Rights. This conference focuses on how the law can be used to advance children’s rights, from the specific example of working with the European Union on behalf of Irish children.

Flipped Classroom - University Northampton - Panopto Video Platform

Understanding Customer Relationships — A Flipped Classroom example from the University of Northampton
The flipped classroom model continues to take higher education by storm, shifting lecture time before class and opening up the classroom session for greater interaction between professor and student. See how educators are using video to facilitate the flip, in this video shared as part of the University of Northampton’s Sales & Marketing for Financial Professionals curriculum.

SPSCC Intro to Panopto Video Platform

Intro to Panopto!
Finally this week we couldn’t help but share a brief video from the team at South Puget Sound Community College. SPSCC is brand new to Panopto, part of the group of 34 new Washington universities that will be implementing Panopto for the fall semester. SPSCC has jumped in with both feet, with a sharp intro to Panopto video that also makes great use of green screen technology. Nice work!

Try It For Yourself!
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